Ethan Embry

FULL NAME: Ethan P. Randall (Embry)

DOB: June 13, 1978

HAIR COLOR: Light Brown


HEIGHT: 5'10"

WEIGHT: 178 lbs

MARITAL STATUS: Divorced, currently Engaged


He loves photography and says if he wasn't acting he would enter that field or be a camera man, He likes to surf. He took classes at UCLA. He loves music ranging from some Jazz to Punk, especially Alternative, and his favorite music groups are: Third Eye Blind, Rancid, Tracy Bongham, Violent Femmes, Weezer, Kula Shakkur, etc. He has lots of pets; mainly dogs and cats. He has a younger sister in acting: Kessia Randall who acted in 3 of his movies. His brother and him changed their last name from Randall to Embry after his 'rents got divorced so they could be closer to their grandfather, awww! He hates teeny- bopper boys bands! He loves being goofy! He thinks being an outsider/leader is a good thing! The last movie he acted in with the name Randall was "Empire Records" His fave movies are "Dazed and Confused" (Rory film), "Scream" (film Johnny turned down), and "True Romance!" He speaks Italian fluently! He did his own stunts in "White Squall!" He is left-handed, but plays bass guitar with his right hand! He's in a band with his brother called, Southern Comfort Colonic. He's a good singer! He loves to surf and skate! He dislikes icecream some, but likes icecream sandwiches. He was in "Disturbing Behavior" for only a second because most of his character got cut! He hates the song of "That Thing You Do!" He has the urge to "change" his look after he makes a movie! Loves being a goofball! On CBS of Fall 1999, he started a new show called "Work With Me" on Wednesdays, unfortunately the show only lasted 4 episodes! Took the last pic of the late Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon! Hates Kate Winslet. Fave actor is Johnny Depp. In October 1995, he did a promo tour of "Empire" with Renee! Doesn't like being drunk. Loves to snowboard. He's reportedly a Scientologist along with being Christian. While filming "Empire," he used to copy Pay Per View movies on the VCR. Not fond of his father too much. Very overprotective of his siter. Has a bunch of tattoos: one on his left ankle, one on each wrist, one on his hip, one down his spine marking the birth of his son, etc...Worked with Peter Facinelli 3 times. He worked with his "Empire Records" costar, Debi Mazar again, when they both guest starred on the Fox series: "Get Real." In 2002, he worked with "Empire" costar Kimo Wills a number of times. 2002-engaged to actress Katherie Towne. Says he never wanted anykind of fame and fortune, so it's cool not too many know of him!

Ethan was born in Huntington Beach, California. His sign is Gemini. He is now 25 years old and already has a long list of movies he made behind him. His first movie was "Dutch" with, Ed O'Neil, and he was around age 11 when he made it. He did lots of small unseen movies and remained unnoticed until his performance of the goofy character, Mark, in "Empire Records, which has been said to be his most audienced movie! (Wow that's amazing considering the fact that crappy critics called it a flop!) He's very good friends with fellow actors/costars: Johnny Whitworth, Liv Tyler, Peter Facinelli, Robin Tunney, Kimo Wills, and Jeremy Sisto, along with others! He was dating Heather Porcaro for 3 years, Liv set them up, but they broke up in July of '98. On November 14, 1998, Ethan married Amelinda Smith. Another aspiring actress. And on December 10, 1999, Ethan's wife gave birth to their first son! They named him Cogian, after the Latin name meaning "to consider." Unfortunately (or fortunately-however you view it), Ethan and Amelinda divorced in 2002 and he is now engaged to actress Katherine Towne (featured in "Sweet Home Alabama" and Johnny's "Anarchist Cookbook"). He is becoming a slightly-more popular actor and I'm sure will be seen in millions more movies in the future!

He is a funny, cool guy, and everyone who knows him loves him a lot. I'm sure he's a great dad and provides good examples. His career is going to bloom real soon!

29. Pizza(2004)...?
28. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle(2004)...Billy
27. Timeline(2003)...David Stern
26. MobDotCom(2003)...?
25. They(2002)...Sam
24. Ball in the House(2002)...Bobby
23. Sweet Home Alabama(2002)...Bobby Ray
22. Who is AB?(2002)...?
21. Male Order(2002)...Actor #2
20. Manfest(2002)...Johnny Shore
19. Rennie's Landing(2001)...Trevor Logan
18. The Independent(2000)...Bert
17. Disturbing Behavior(1998)...Allen Clark
16. Can't Hardly Wait(1998)...Preston Myers
15. How to Make the Cruelest Month(1998)...?
14. The Prophecy 2(1998)...Young coroner(uncredited)
13. Dancer, Texas Pop 81(1998)...Squirrel
12. Vegas Vacation(1997)...Rusty Griswald
11. Montana(1997)...Jimmy
10. White Squall(1996)...Tracy Lapchick
9. That Thing You Do(1996)...TB(the bass player)
---(As Ethan Randall)---
8. Empire Records(1995)...Mark
7. Evolver(1994)...Kyle Baxter
6. Seasons of Change(1994)...Bobby
5. A Far Off Place(1993)...Harry Winslow
4. All I Want For Christmas(1991)...Ethan O'Fallon
3. Bad Attitudes(1991)...Cosmo Coningsby
2. Defending Your Life(1991)...Steve
1. Dutch(1991)...Doyle
9. Dragnet(2003)...Frank Smith (star)
8. Spiderman: Animated Series(2003)...Max (voice)
7. Twilight Zone(2002)...Zack
6. FreakyLinks{aka Fearsum}(2001)...Derek Barnes (star)
5. Get Real(2000)...Wadd Kousick (guest appearance)
4. Work With Me(1999)...Sebastian (star)
3. Murder She Wrote(1994 & 95)...Jimmy/Mike
2. Harts of the West(1993)...Randy
1. Drug Wars: The Camerana Story(1991 mini)...?

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