Johnny Whitworth

FULL NAME: Johnny D. Whitworth

DOB: October 31, 1975


EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

HEIGHT: around 6'0"

WEIGHT: 180 lbs(?)


FAVE HOLIDAY: Christmas and Halloween

He got his first chance at an acting career by winning the first Young and Modern Man contest in 1991 when he was only 15 or 16, he won out of all the applicants in the U.S! The contest was hosted by YM magazine. He is named after his father. He has 3 older half brothers and a bro named, Danny. The scar on his upper lip is from when he got attacked by a Great Dane dog at age 3 (yikes!) Some of his favorite actors are: Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe. His favorite music groups are: Guns 'N Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Black Crowes, etc. He wears a St. Christopher medal and a cross on his neck a lot. 3 of his brother's names are Mark, Ace, and Danny. Once wore a Michael Jackson red leather jacket for a family photo. He loves HIS leather jacket. He turned down roles in "Scream" and "The Craft" to name some of many. He only does movies that he feels are inspirational, or where he thinks he can learn something. Loves junk food. He use to be in a band called, Tantrum. He had to loose about 30 pounds to make "The Rainmaker" He possibly could have done that pic of Liv or made some of those painting things in "Empire Records!" He stumbled upon acting innocently. Trys to help enviroment. When he had to diet for "The Rainmaker" he broke the diet, and afterward felt so bad that he forced himself to vomit! He started off on commercials. He is rumored to go back home sometimes and go to Starbucks and hang out and stuff. He has multiple tattoos; 2 on his upper right arm, (one of the astrological Scorpio symbol) and possibly one on his inner forearm, one on his inner right arm, and one on his stomach. He wants to be very skeptical and shy away from the Hollywood Stuck-Up scene. Finally doing a horror film in 2001 after turning down numerous horror roles. He loves the Hot Wings Cafe. Always wears 'rock' clothing and isn't fond on shaving unless he's doing a film. It's reported that he guested on the pilot of the short-lived series "Phenom." He's good buds with Ethan. Saw the movie "Heathers" over 50 times. He had a real small, but highly effective roll in "Me and Will." Jokes around that he can be selfish at times. Once owned Marilyn Monroe boxers. Has an Uncle named Bobby, that he supposedly resembles. 2001-he briefly dated actress Teressa Tunney (no relation to Robin). Also loves Southern style food. Has a nude scene in his '97 film, "Hell's Kitchen." His relationship now with Gina Philips is rumored to be like a brother/sister kind. Is a major goofball. Supposedly drives an old red Mustang convertible. Most of the people who know him or met him say he's a really nice guy. According to an actor friend (unmentionable), Johnny and Liv ARE in fact exes. He likes doing his thing and doesn't follow anyone!

Johnny was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on Halloween which would make him a Scorpio. He is now 28 years old. He grew up in Alabama with family some of the time. Although, he spent most of his time in South Carolina with his mom, Diane Shipley. And he also spent 2 or so years in Dallas, Texas with his dad and stepmom, Millie. (Basically he grew up in Southern US states) On all his moving he says: "I changed schools a lot, but I adjust really easy. I can go anywhere and just click in with what's going on." His parents got divorced when he was very young. He now lives in Los Angeles and has resided there since his teen years. His first experience as an actor was his TV guest appearance on "Party of Five," as PK the guy Neve Campbell had the hots for. He then went on to make his 1st movie "Bye Bye Love" He is mainly known for his 2nd movie, "Empire Records" where he played AJ the budding artist! After that he gave up on acting for a year or two. He did this because a lot of the people were too Hollywood and he didn't think he'd learn much. He made his comeback though in 1997's "The Rainmaker" where once again he got a lot of critical acclaim. After four years of dating her, Gina Philips broke up with Johnny in December 1999. That was his last serious "public" relationship. He has a lot of movies coming out in the near future and I know we all can't wait to see them!

He is a really cool, nice guy, who is probably loved a lot. I believe that he belongs with Liv. I dunno they just go so well together and have so much in common. They'd make an absolutely perfect couple!

17. Wuthering Heights(2003)...Hendrix
16. Kiss the Bride(2002)...Marty Weinberg
15. The Anarchist Cookbook(2002)...Sweeney
14. AKA Birdseye(2002)...Trent Doone
13. Valentine(2001)...Max Raimi
12. Jesus Freaks(2001)..."Jesus"
11. Shadow Hours(2000)...Tron
10. Bullslingers(1999)...?
9. Me and Will(1998)...Fred
8. Out in Fifty(1998)...Whitey
7. Can't Hardly Wait(1998)...Voice of Gum guy (uncredited)
6. Hell's Kitchen(1997)...Patty
5. The Rainmaker(1997)...Donny Ray Black
4. Somebody Is Waiting(1996)...Leon Ellis
3. Empire Records(1995)...AJ
2. Bottom Drawer(??)...?
1. Bye Bye Love(1995)...Max Cooper
(TV Guest Appearences)
7. The Shield(2002)...Effi Monticeto
6. Providence(2001)...Jason
5. NYPD Blue(2001)...Jason Bazedon
4. Gun(1997)...James Munday
3. Birdland(1994)...Dylan
2. Party Of Five(1994)...PK Strickler
1. Phenom(1993)...?

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