Liv Tyler

NAME: Liv Tyler


DOB: July 1, 1977



HEIGHT: About 5'10"

MARITAL STATUS: ::ahem:: Married


She never took an acting class when she first started. She cut her hair short in 1998 for "Cookie's Fortune," because she said she was tired of having the same hair for 9 movies. She is a former jeans model. Her father, Steven Tyler's, real last name is Tallarico, so if ya wanna get technical her name would actually be Liv Tallarico! Her mom named her Liv after the older actress, Liv Ullman, cause she was on a magazine cover the week Liv was born. She says she likes the kissing scenes in movies because it gives you an excuse to makeout and is really cool if it is with an actor you like/admire (Johnny, oops). She's smoked cigarettes since she was about 15, but she recently quit at age 25. She hates drugs. She's Italian and possibly Old English, etc. The locations she liked best of her movies were: "Empire Records," because it was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, and they got to live on Wilmington Beach and she said that was really fantastic, "Stealing Beauty" because it was shot in Italy and that's her ancestry, and "Lord of the Rings"-which goes without saying, but mostly for New Zealand. 95% of her films are indies. She had a nude scene in her '96 film, "Stealing Beauty." Dating Brit, Roy Langston of Spacehog. Engaged on Valentine's Day 2001-married in Spring of 2003 (foggerwash!) She loves to cook, and loves listening to music, especially Rock. Her favorite groups were: Heart, AC/DC, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Edna James, and Motley Crew etc. She says she likes tall, skinny guys with messy hair. Coyote Shivers (Berko from "Empire") was her stepdad from 1991-1998. Both her ex boy and boyfriend: Joaquin and Roy, are shorter than her (Joaquin 5'7, Roy 5'8?). She is Godmother to Keith Richards' son's youngest child. Her favorite movie is "3 Amigos." Says she's still incredibly close with the other 5 actors. She lived in Virginia for awhile. Wants a big family, but not now. Turned down roles in "Pearl Harbor," "Charlie's Angels," "Scream 3," and "Fear" (it was too sexual of a role to portray at only 18 for her.) Used to adore the "Brady Bunch" show. She wasn't going to do "Armageddon" despite the guaranteeness, but her father talked her into it. She was in the Aerosmith video, "Crazy," and is now embarrassed by it. She loves Italian and Indian food. She said she used to be a chubby tomboy. She's very goofy and immature. She loves her life, but says she gets lonely a lot. She's definitely still good friends with Renee and Robin. Reportedly she is a "B" cup in Bra size. According to an (anonymous) actor friend, Liv and Johnny ARE in fact exes. She likes to be herself and not let anyone rule her.

Liv was born in New York City. She is now 26 years old since her July b-day, which makes her a Cancer (Cancers rock)! Her mom is Bebe Buell. She grew up in Portland, Maine, thinking that Todd Rundgren was her dad. It wasn't until she was 10 that she realized Steven Tyler was her real dad, it was safe to know then since he was sobered up. By age 13 she'd moved back to New York with her mom, and by 14 she did some work as a model. Her 1st movie was "Silent Fall," at 16, with Richard Dreyfus. She then made the indie film, "Heavy." Her more known movies are "Armageddon," "Empire Records," and (obviously) the "Lord of the Rings." In Novemember 1998 her and Joaquin Phoenix broke up after two years. As of March 25, 2003, she's currently married to Royston Langdon (stupid, broke, ugly asshole-it's my site, I'll say what I want!) from the British group, Spacehog. She gives a brief resting period now inbetween films, but when the ball gets rolling, she's great. Can't wait for her new flicks!

She is a nice, sweet girl. I don't think she gets treated with the respect she deserves, but she should. I also think she belongs with Johnny (Whitworth). They'd just make the perfect couple!

18. Lonesome Jim(2004)...?
17. Jersey Girl(2004)...Maya
16. Voltage(2003)...Lilah {possibly}
15. Lord of the Rings-Trilogy(2001-03)...Arwen Undomiel
14. Dr. T and the Women(2000)...Marilyn
13. One Night At McCool's(2000)...Jewel Valentine
12. Onegin(1999)...Tatiana Larina
11. Plunkett & MaCleane(1999)...Lady Rebecca
10. Cookie's Fortune(1999)...Emma Duvall
9. The Little Black Book(1998)...Rachael
8. Armageddon(1998)...Grace Stamper
7. U Turn(1997)...Girl in bus station
6. Inventing the Abbotts(1996)...Pamela Abbott
5. Stealing Beauty(1996)...Lucy Harmon
4. That Thing You Do(1996)...Faye Dolan
3. Empire Records(1995)...Corey Mason
2. Heavy(1995)...Callie
1. Silent Fall(1994)...Sylvie Warden

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