Robin Tunney

NAME: Robin Tunney

DOB: June 19, 1972



HEIGHT: 5'4"

MARITAL STATUS: Divorced (supposedly)


"The Craft" was her first leading role (all the others she costared in). She is nothing like the suicidal roles she has played in some of her movies, actually she is exactly the opposite. She loved making "Empire Records" because she said it was a good experience for her and she made a lot of friends making it. For her role as Deb, in "Empire," it was her idea to shave her head, because she thought it would add to the roll. For "The Craft," she had to study some of the religion of Wicca. She loves to get dressed up. She won a 1997 MTV Movie Award for Best Fight with Fairuza Balk in The Craft, for this award she beat out the ever unstopable, Jim Carrey. She also won a 1998 Independent Spirit Award for Best Dramatic Actress in "Niagara Niagara." She loves John Travolta when she was little and is still in awe of him. At the end of 1999 she was in Tom Petty's video, "Swingin." Her Catholic highschool's motto was "modisty is our policy." She took a year off after high school to act. She comes from a big Irish Catholic family. Was scared of what her grandma might think of the unorthodoxed, "The Craft." She prefers doing indies. She worked with pal Ethan again in '97's "Montana." She didn't wanna take drama in some college because the actors were all so dramatic, and she likes real people (these people on the site must be 6 of the most down to earth actors in the entire biz). She's one of 4 children. Her parents (or father atleast) immigrated from Ireland. Claims she's a shameless flirt. She's very young acting. She drives a Volks Wagon. She still gets carded sometimes when buying cigarettes. She did her first nude scene in 1999 for "Supernova." Her father is a car salesman, her mom is a bartender. She has about 35 first cousins! She's close friends with Liv. She goes to the Mercury Lounge (in NY) a lot to see bands. Some of her fave groups are: Pavement, Tranquility Base, and the Chemical Brothers. Adores Spike Jones' (music video director) work. In 2003 she started filming a movie with Rory, "Whale In Montana" where they play husband and wife. Due out in 2004. She likes doing roles that are totally different from her because she thinks it's more of a challenge.

BIOGRAPHY: Robin grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She came from a poorish middle-class family. She was the first to go to Hollywood. She is now 31 years old. She's a Gemini. She went to St. Ignatius College Prep, in highschool (a strict Catholic school). Her first acting roll was in one of those school break specials on CBS. She then went on to making movies. She is more well known for her movies, "Empire Records," "The Craft," and more recently, "Vertical Limit" with Chris O'Donnell. On the set of her 1997 movie, the independent film, "Niagara, Niagara," she met and fell in love with the director, Bob Gosse. A few months later the two were married on October 4, 1997, although reportedly divorced in 2002. She has a lot of new cool movies coming soon, so go check them out.

She is a really cool person who should get more recognition. She's an awesome actress, but even better person!

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12. Rescuers: Stories of Courage(1998 Showtime Original)...Melvina
11. Naked City: Justice w/a Bullet(TV 1998)...Mary Caufman
10. Montana(1997)...Kitty
9. Julian Po(1997)...Sarah
8. Niagara,Niagara(1997)...Marcy
7. The Craft(1996)...Sarah
6. Riders of the Purple Sage(1996)...Bess/Elizabeth Erne
5. Empire Records(1995)...Debra
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3. Encino Man(1992)...Ella
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6. Twilight Zone(2003)...Eve Durant
5. Law and Order(1994)...Jill Templeton
4. Dream On(1993)...Marybeth
3. Cutters(1993)...Deborah Hart
2. Class of '96'(1993)...Linda Miller
1. Life goes On(1991)...?

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(Here's a long quote from her about making "Empire Records!") QUOTE: "EMPIRE RECORDS I'm really thrilled I did: it was the first movie or first acting work where I really liked my performance. I took a lot of chances and I learned a lot of lessons about working in film and having an opinion, and that it's ok to say maybe I should try this, or I think she would do this, or I don't think she'd say that. Before, I always felt like a kid, and felt like I was so lucky to be there, that I just said their lines and did whatever, and I didn't really feel it was collaborative. But on EMPIRE I learned that was ok, and I got to make all these crazy choices. I shaved my head in a scene, and that was my idea, and it really helped the performance, and I learned that making solid acting choices is important. But I made friends, and had a really good time making EMPIRE."