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"You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says.
 It's your life"

"I had just purchased my first downhill skateboard, and I was at my 
friend's house,'Embry recalls'.He has this very long cliff out front 
of his house, and I got going, like 45 or 50, and I didn't have a 
shirt on, and I fell and I slid. My whole back just turned into meat.  
So I had gauze wrapping like any old burn victim. I looked like Yogi 
the Bear going in there. Or, what was it? Smokey the Bear." (on 
falling off his new skateboard)

"If I can let out a big laugh before they say 'Action,' then the 
take is beautiful." (on his acting)

"I never had a dream of being famous or anything like that, 
and I don't even want that now," he says."The only person 
who ever recognizes me is at the video store, and they deduct 
my late charges. So it's cool." 

"We heard all these boarding calls to go to Paris. It sounded very 
tempting,"says Embry."We didn't have any money, we didn't have any 
clothes because they were all checked in. We just had ourselves, and 
I had my guitar."So we all jumped on a plane and we went to Paris for 
six days after that. We slept underneath the Eiffel Tower because we 
didn't have any money." (on going on an unexpected trip to Paris with 
Scott Wolf and other people after White Squall was done filmimg)

"I'm lucky I was able to cross over. I understand more of what's 
going on around me-I'm becoming more aware of my work" (on not a 
child actor anymore)

"It was alot of fun, I always love working. It's my favorite 
thing to do-working on movie sets in front of camera's, it's 
cool. They had alot of kids all over the place during filming, 
so it was good." (on maiking Can't Hardly Wait)

"My character is a actually a normal guy" (on playing Preston in 

"We are nice guys! We are nice guys!"

"I could see a lot of Ethan in my character. There's definitely 
things that make us different like personal likes and dislikes, 
and morally. And he's an artist and I'm an artist. He's light 
and go-lucky and I'm light and go-lucky. Yeah- there's a lot 
of things that were really similar." (again on playing Preston)

"Wasn't everybody a loser in high school?" 

"If I can't see myself fitting in there, or if I can't find 
something in the character that I like, I know it isn't going 
to work. I'm into whatever comes my way, really, and never 
plan what I want to do, but I'll always take a part that I feel 
is good" 

"Yeah, and then you have the older brother-me-jumping up out of 
the audience running on stage and punching the son of a bitch in 
the face!" (on if his younger sister goes out with a jerk) 

"I don't dance."-All Ethan quotes

"My only goal in acting is to be real, which is one of the reasons
I didn't like doing TV, I get really mad when people tell me to act 
cuter. I mean, come on, I'm not Michael J. Fox."

"To live in fear is not to live at all, so go after what you want"

"I was born on Halloween, which is both good and bad. Scorpios can 
be pretty selfish."

"My leather jacket-I can't live without it" (on his fave item)

"Matt lost a lot of weight for Courage Under Fire and he gave me a 
diet, I would eat just blackened fish or blackened chicken, rice or 
a baked potato plain, steamed vegetables with no oil or butter, and 
then a glass of ice water." (on his diet for The Rainmaker)

"My diet consists of junk food."

"They had such great catered food. It was in Memphis, and they 
had ribs and things, my favorite. It was frustrating. I actually 
ate them one time and it made me throw up."  (on diet again)

"There's this famous rib place that was right behind my hotel. 
I would see it, and smell it, every day, he recounts. "So, it 
was inevitable I'd slip at least once. I went to the rib joint, 
and afterward felt so bad. Now I know what women go through, I 
guess. My conscience was killing me so much that I made myself 
throw up." 

"After my first job, I got a real concept of what Hollywood is 
and what the work is about."

"My lip from when I was three: I was attacked by a dog" (on his scar)

"After I did my first two movies, I quit acting," explains Johnny 
I wasn't learning anything, I didn't want to do little teen movies,
it was the wrong direction. Boyfriend roles? Cool-guy roles? the
heartthrob-scene kind of bullshit? That's not what I wanted to do, 
so I turned down jobs and just waited for something really 

"I want to be the best actor I can be!"

"After the last two years, I've realized just how full of 
shit everyone is. So, I'm definitely not the newest kid on 
the block, but I tend to be the skeptical one."

"I don't want to get stuck playing the troubled kid, the rebel 
guy."-All Johnny Quotes
     LIV QUOTES!!!
"Finally some Rock-n-Roll!" (from when she hosted the top 
10 party videos on MTV and a rock song finally came on instead 
of rap)

"God, I loved them all! I'm not thrilled with how Empire Records 
did, but we had such an incredible time! We shot in North Carolina 
and lived on Wilmington Beach, that was really fantastic!" (on some filming locations)

"I was like, Wow! Christmas is going to rock this year!" (on 
finding out Steven was her dad)

"I love to cook"

"I did all those pictures a year or 2 ago, when I think about it 
now, I can't believe-I mean, I let them tart me up so much, and 
I was just like please don't do that. They're not me at all!" 
(on the sexy publicity photos)

"I do smoke, but I wish I didn't. I don't smoke that much though. 
It's such a bad habit. It makes everything stink, but it tastes 
good. If I'm still smoking at 25 I think I'll lock myself up for 
a month or something!"

"I don't like drugs! I always heard people say that they help to 
kill your pains, but I think they enhance them by a thousand 
powers. So I don't do them!"

"I'm just obsessed with music. I love it so much!"

"I would love to learn more all the time" (on her fellings 
bout college) 

"I'm still a suppressed wannabe rock star, the thing I'm most
passionate about is music!"

"When I was about 10 or 11, I wore skintight stretch jeans with
zips on the side and I had a perm and I was tall and I had boobs 
and a big, fat butt! I would go to the roller rink on the weekend,
and I listened to Motley Crue and Ozzy and Black Sabbath and 
Slaughter and Aerosmith!"

"Then I went through a homegirl phase. I wore lots of makeup and
big door-knocker earings and these huge jeans-enormous! My friends
would tell me that the boys didn't like skinny girls, so I put on
sweat pants underneath! I was such a wierdo!"

"Just about any Christmas as a kid was my favorite. I would come
down in the morning and my grandparents and mom would be waiting.
No matter how broke we were, we would have about a zillion boxes
that just shimmered under that tree. It didn't matter if it was
just a pair of socks. It was wrapped with such great care. It makes 
cry just thinking about it right now!"-All Liv Quotes


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