AJ vs Rex: Round 1

Well one of the main sub plots in Empire Records is the story of AJ and Corey. AJ's in love with Corey and Corey wants to loose her virginity to Rex Manning-the singer dude coming to the store. So who will win Corey's affection....ok ok I know you know already who Corey loves since you probably saw the movie, but on my page you're going to decide who would be the better man. I will give a list of AJ's good qualities and um try to think of some of Rex's good qualities(haha yeah right), then I'll tell ya who Corey chose and why, and you decide for yourself if she picked the right guy, ok? Ok! Let's get movin!

AJ!-He's sweet, cute, and talented, not to mention he's madly in love with Corey! -He's a super great artist and will even throw his entire life in a box and moving van, give up his fear of art school, and go to it in Boston just to be with Corey; who's going to Harvard in a few months! -Only bad thing about him is that he tried to make Corey jealous by dancing dirtily with Deb, and this made her very sad and jealous! -He would do anything for Corey and is willing to wait a long while for her love. -He's very friendly to everyone and funny too! -What else, oh he's been in love with her for a long time and today he finds a really sweet way to tell her. -Also they have been really good friends for years! I give AJ on a 1-10 scale of winning Corey's heart: a definite 10!
Rex!-Well he's a semi-famous teeny bopper singer. -Probably had lots of money, when he was actualy good. -He was hot when he was like 20, but really skanky lookin at 40. -Bad things about him are: he embarassed Corey and made her feel stupid, and after he went and screwd Gina, he's really artificial, and those damn sideburns of his look so fake all the time! -On the bright side he has a cool body for someone that age and still has a full set of thick hair! And that's about the only good qualities I can think of right now. On a scale of 1-10 of winning her over: I give him a 2, just for the Non-effort!
So who will Corey choose? Well at this point on the page, your guess is as good as mine. But just for a sec forget who she ended up with in the movie and think if you were her who would ya choose? Brief run through: she doesn't even know Rex, he went behind her back to supply his sexual appetite and screwd her friend Gina. When AJ almost beat him up, and Corey and Joe pulled AJ off Rex were he was helpless, weak Rex took the oppurtunity to give AJ a nasty black eye, and if they didn't pull AJ off, he woulda beat the shit out of weak singer boy Rex! Now AJ: well she's been best friends with him for years, he loves her a lot and would always treat her right, they're like made for eachother. Now with those facts said-who would ya choose? Well people have different personalities so I lot of you would choose AJ, but some would choose Rex because that's who they like. Well, let's go see what Corey's like, who she chose, and why she chose him!
Yah! Corey chose AJ! Why she chose him you ask, well here's just my opinion: after AJ told her how he felt, she was really confuses cause he was like her best friend and all. But then when he made her jealous by dancing with Deb without his shirt, she got really upset and started to think that maybe she loved him too. Then when Aj tried to beat up Rex for making her mad and he got a black eye in doing so, she started feeling more deeper towards him! Ok skip some to when AJ was at the counter working and everyone else was attending Deb's fake funeral, then Warren came in and started shooting up the place with blanks. Of course Corey didn't know they were blanks at the time and started freakin out, thinkin AJ got shot. This made her realize that she loved him a lot and would never feel this way about anyone else. So finally after a talk with AJ on the roof about her feelings, AJ told her he was gonna go to art school in Boston just to be near her! So the happy couple finally get together and the rest ya can take 1 good guess...... (ewww you perverts I din't say anything, stop thinkin bout what I know you're thinkin!)... ALSO: AJ vs Rex: Round 2 coming soon, please be patient for this page though! Ok now go visit my other pages!