HAVEN'T YA EVER WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED TO AJ AND COREY, HAVEN'T YA ALSO WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED TO REX COME ON YES YA HAVE, WELL HERE'S WHERE YOU CAN FIND OUT, ATLEAST THIS IS WHAT I THINK! Ok well picture this: You're young, in love, away from supervision and what ya use to call home, livin college life, and I guess living together too, and people also stop ya on the street for autographs thinking you're one of the actresses in that new asteroid end of world movie-and one of the actors from the movie about the insurance company who wouldn't help the dying young man (being you)! You're also like made for eachother! What can be more perfect? Huh? Ok now picture this: You're in your 40's, you used up most of your talent (if ya had any) in your 20's-when you shockingly looked like that guy from Grease 2, teeeny bopper fans are starting to like these 3 teen guys that resemble girls and sing something about mmmbopping or whatever and also they like these other new groups with like 5 white guys trying to sing like (white men can't rap) dancey-rap type shit-swallowing up what was once your teenybopping girl/or guy (if ya choose that way) crowd! And your hair is starting to get all funkified! What can be more sucky? Huh? Ok well take one guess at who the people I'm referring to above are! Ok you're good good guess! Now I'm gonna tell ya what happened with them in the near future and the somewhat distant like 10-year future!
OK after Rex got kicked out of Empire by everyone and lost his hold-it-all-together helper, Jane, Rex went somewhat downhill from there! Sure he made another album a few months later, to get publicity called, Please say more, Money More, it was also the name of the first single, but unfortunately the little fans he had left didn't like it cause they thought it was a remake of Say no More, Mon Amour, so the album didn't sell and well poor Rex got depressed. "But we can't just let him suffer like that right," said the nuns, so they started a Save the rex campiagn and got all the people who felt sorry for him together and they all chipped in and donated tiny bits of money and song advice! This kept Rex going for about a year, but then he suddenly seized to exist, I mean he was no where to be seen, and everyone you asked said they never heard of him! So 5 years went by and people forgot about him, except for one...Kathy, the one who he was her favorite singer in highschool! She spotted him one day in her workplace doing odd jobs, very odd, from janitorial work to selling lunch to people, to working in the sales department selling perfume. So Kathy went up to him and said hi, Rex remembered her, but was so happy to have someone talk to him again that he didn't care she didn't like his music anymore. So now rumor has it that Rex and Kathy are married to eachother, with 7 kids, and still doing the same jobs! They're supposedly happy together!!! So there ya have Rex's story...hurrah!
OK so AJ and Corey got their happy ending too! As ya can see the first picture on the page! So here's what happened to them after that Empire day: so Corey was going to Boston in a few months and AJ was coming with her. So in the few months before they went to Boston, they remained working at Empire and hanging with their awesome friends. Just like they had always done. Only this time they were in love, mushy, lovey-dovey, can't keep hands off eachother love! So the months passed by quickly for them. And the issue of Corey's virginity, well it wasn't an issue anymore! Gina was very proud! So the time came to move and AJ and Corey had to say byebye to the Empire gang, but it wasn't so sad cause they knew they would be back to Empire for lots of visits, after all ya can't leave your 'Circle of Friends' In Boston they did good, Corey wasn't at the top of her class, but she still got the good grades-which kept her dad in line and he even liked AJ too, and AJ was doing cool in art school, and they visited their Empire friends atleast once a month. They lived in an apartment together and didn't get to experience dorm life, but I don't think they cared much. So their four years in college went by semi-quickly. After the college life, they were both successful in the business world, and got married. Still all in major love with eachother, so much they love eachother more everyday. They are know in their 20's and having the time of their life. Who ever said they had something better than that! So there's AJ and Corey's story!
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