This page contains info of the actors altogether! For example: like what they have in common and stuff. Well get reading!

Ok hmm where to begin. Well they all smoke, atleast Liv, Johnny, Ethan, Rory, and Robin do, I'm not sure about Renee. Robin said that they all made good friends together while making 'Empire Records!' Robin and Renee were both present at last year's MTV Movie Awards, Renee presented Jewel to sing and was nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance, but lost to Mathew Mconaughey. Robin was nominated for Best Fight, and she won along with Fariuza Balk!(I voted for both of them, sorry just thought I'd say that) Ethan and Johnny both were in bands. I think Ethan is still in his, but I dunno if Johnny's band is still around. Liv is now a vegetarian (due to the encouragement of her ex-boyfriend, Joaquin) and Renee used to be a vegetarian, but isn't anymore! Robin is married. Renee and Johnny both come from Texas. I think all of them share basically the same taste in music, although I'm not positive. Ethan and Johnny both love doing drastic things to their look (hair mainly), neither like to shave much, and they both always sport the "rock" and "surfer" look (clothes, jewelry, etc)! All of them are funny as hell, or atleast to me they are. Also I don't think they'll ever make it as big as some actors do. Not because they're not good, but because they're too good. I mean sure they'll have a movie out and be in the spotlight for a few weeks, but I don't think they'll ever be a fad like that damn Leonardo DiCaprio thing was. For example: Ethan was in Can't Hardly Wait recently, but who got most of the credit for that movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, she wasn't even in the movie too long and Ethan was the star. Liv was in Armageddon, who gets a lot of the credit, Ben Affleck, and she was the only girl in it for God's sakes. Johnny was in The Rainmaker, who got more credit then him, Claire Danes, and she wasn't even in the movie that long, etc etc... See what I mean, now I don't think this is fair, but it actually proves how much better they are then some actors. They won't ever be as popular as most of them because they don't just make a movie to make a movie. They make the movie cause they want to, not to rise their status or get 30 million for their next movie. Like look how many indie flicks each of them made: Renee made over 10 of them, Rory made 6 or more, Liv made 7 or more, Johnny made 4 or more, Ethan made a few, and Robin made a couple too. But this is really a good thing that they aren't as well known as other actors are because 10 years from now the actors that have popular status now will have used up their 15 minutes, and these 6 actors will still be on their 1st minute! Ok well hope that made ya think, I'll put more on this page some other time!!!

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