Empire Records ....since 1995....

"Empire Records" is now 5.
It's the film that made us all feel alive.
It's about a store, which seems like a bore,
but with this cast and story, it's hardly poor.
It's a movie for Generation X, and even though
it was hexed, it's still #1 in the east and west!
It's considered a comedy, drama, even a teen flick,
no matter what it really is though, it's still got that kick.
The producers screwd it and to the critics it's dead,
but they obviously aren't sane in the head.
The actors are loved, the story adored,
the characters original, the audiences soar.
It's been dropped, it's been stopped, it's even a "flop,"
but like I said, it was, it is, and will always be, our #1 crop!

Empire Records
Born: October 20, 1995

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