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Montana: Starring Ethan Embry and Robin Tunney Rating: A
"Montana" is the story of a group of gangsters who kill people. In the film, Kitty (Tunney) keeps trying to get away from her mobster friends, but fails. Finally, Claire decides to help Kitty after she has killed the boss' son (Embry) and has one of her partners, Nick help them flee. Embry stars as Jimmy, the boss' son who in time will inherit the business. After Claire and Jimmy finally found Kitty hidding out in a hotel room, she [Kitty] runs into the bathroom and slices her wrist. Claire is then forced to go to the drug store and get the supplies to help her. Jimmy after throwing the nonmoving Kitty, he starts to make out with her. Finally, Kitty awakes and kills Jimmy on the chin. The movie is a pretty good. I thought that the movie was going to be a serious kind of movie, but I was wrong. It was actually quiet funny. A good movie to watch and see the well preformed Ethan Embry and Robin Tunney. I give it an A.

Can't Hardly Wait: Starring Ethan Embry, Johnny Whitworth and Liv Tyler. (Johhny and Liv play "Bubble Gum Guy" and "Bubble Gum Girl") Rating: A-
Although Ethan said once in an interview that the movie is well divided by 6 main characters. I myself on the other hand baig a differ. The movie is about the last night of high school, and all the kids are going to the final party to be with their fellow class members. Preston (Embry) has finally decided that after 4 years, he will profece his love to his fellow class member who doesn't even know he exisits, Amanda (Hewitt). Finally, after telling Amanda his feelings for her and being dumped and humiliated in front of many numerous people, after goingto the caffe to call Barry Manalow and get advice on wheter or not the song "Mandy" stands for a girl named Amanda, he meets the Angel. By the time she leaves, he the self-confidence to do it. While waiting for his train to come the next morning to go to a workshop with Kurt Vonnegan (Preston's hereo) who does he meet but Amanda. She appoligizes for her rudness and didint know that the letter was from him. At the end, he kisses her and it is so sweet! Ethan gave an excellant performance in this film! I actually cried during 2 scenes of the film because I felt so bad for Preston (one was when Amanda mocked him, and the other --a good time-- was when he saw Amanda at the train station). If you havent seen this movie, you have to go rent it and see how fantastic he was! I give this movie an A- (I didn't really care for some other characters or scenes in the movie)

Julian Po: Robin Tunney C+
Julian Po (Slater) stays in a tiny town full of nosy townspeople who think that Julian must be taking an alias and might be a drug dealer or come to kill someone. After finding out that the only person that he is going to kill is he, everyone follows Julian around to see when he will finish his deed - everyone except for Sarah (Tunney). All of Sarah's life, she knew that Julian was coming for her. Ever since Sarah was 16 and younger, she had sewn sweaters for him. As it turns out, Julian doesn't kill he with his owns intentions, and someone that he truly loves kills herself with her intentions. Tunney does a great job in her performance, and is the only really good part of the movie.

The Craft: Robin Tunney A
Sarah (Tunney) has always been different. When she wanted someone bad enough, it would happen, only not how she intended it. If she wanted it to be really quiet, she would wish for it, and wish for it, and would go deaf for 3 days straight. If she wanted it to rain, a pipe would burst in her room and get flooded. So as the new girl to St. Benedict's Academy, she immediately falls in with the high school outsiders also known as The Bitches of Eastwick. When Sarah was being followed by the same man that startled her while searching through posters, the four all thought to themselves that he was going to get hit by a car - and he was. Ever since then, Sarah was the fourth. Now with there magical power, they want to get back at all of those who were mean to them or just kill them. Nancy (Balk) kills a total of 2 men. One being her mother's boyfriend, who is actually loaded because of his investment to his work, and the second being a real jerk that she used to go out with. Bonnie (Campbell) just wants to have fun now since she spent most of her life as a monster (she had burn scars on her back, but they were removed), but inevitably because mean, and a plain bitch. Rochelle (True) wants Lauren to pay for all of the mean things that she has ever done to her. All Sarah wants is for Chris (Ulrich) to like her, but he makes a fool over himself and thinks that the two should move in together. It is a great story line, with fantastic actresses. Tunney does an excellent job at her last job behind a desk. A must see.

Niagara, Niagara: Robin Tunney B+
Marcy (Tunney) is a victim of Tourette's Syndrome, a disease that causes the sufferer to twitch and unleash strings of profanity that would make a man blush. She then meets the shy and selfish Seth (Thomas) while the two are both shoplifting, and it's love at first sight. The two hit the road together in search of a doll that Marcy says can be found in Toronto, but she really just wants to get away from her home where she is an outcast. When Seth in a pharmacy, he is then injured by a robber, the two are taken in by Walter, a tow truck driver who names a chicken after his dead wife. A compelling performance by Tunney. Tunney's husband, Bob Gosse, directed this movie.

One True Thing: Renee Zellweger A
Ellen (Zellweger) is forced to come home to care after her ailing mother (Streep) who is dying of cancer. So not only does she have to put up with juggling her job at the magazine New York, and caring for her mother, she has to cook and put up with her father, a professor and fellow writer. Ellen eventually suspects her father of cheating on her mother with another women (most likely one of his colleges or students) and confronts him in the street. "One True Thing" is a touching story on learning to get to know and love your mother before it is too late. This must be one of Zellweger's best performances.

Dutch: Ethan Embry A
Dutch (O'Neil), a working class boyfriend is forced to pick up his girlfriend's son, Doyle (Embry) at his prep school. The journey is quite humorous because the two keep trying to get back at one another. In the end, Doyle realizes that Dutch really isn't as bad as he assumed. Embry does a fantastic job in this first co-starring role.

All I Want for Christmas: Ethan Embry A-
"Not all parent's should get back together, but ours should." The movie could basically be summed up with that one quote from Hallie (Birch) stated to her older brother, Ethan (Embry). Hallie and Ethan's parents for a divorced couple, get along quite well. In this one Christmas, Hallie will ask the Santa as Macys for her parents to get back together again behind her brother's wishes. The two's plain turns upside down when Hallie over hears her mother talking to Nana about marry her boyfriend, Tony. With that realization, Hallie and Ethan are determined to get their parents together again for Christmas. It is a cute story about how if you want something bad enough it just might happen. Although the story is cute, it is also highly unlikely.

A Far Off Place: Ethan Embry A
It was bad enough when Harry (Embry)'s father said that he was forced to come to Africa to visit his deceased mother's old friend. Now Harry and Nonnie (Witherspoon) must cross the Kalahari Desert to the nearest town without getting killed by the same people that killed Nonnie's mother, father, and helper and Harry's father. Will Harry, Nonnie and their guide cross the desert? Will Nonnie ever realize that Harry actually likes her? A good story line with actors to match. You can even catch Embry talk some Bushman along with his co-star Reese Witherspoon (Witherspoon had to speak Bushman in her lines more).

That Thing You Do!: Ethan Embry and Liv Tyler A
The Wonders, a small-town foursome, hit the big time in 1964 after a substitute drummer (Scott) adds some kick into their new song. Within one month after winning the college contest, Play-Tone Records executive Mr. White (Hanks) signs them to the label and to county fairs with other big names such as Diane Danes. Embry gives an excellently goofy performance starring as the nameless Bass Player who will eventually leave the band at the end of August because he joined the Marine Core back at Erie, Pennsylvania. Tyler stars as the lead singer's girlfriend, Faye who has been in love with Jimmy for 2 and a half years. Finally, she sees who Jimmy really is at the end and breaks up with him to find that there has always been another guy who has been in love with Faye the whole time. It's a great movie where you can catch Embry singing, dancing and playing the bass.

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