Chapter 9

	The red convertible hummed down the roads and freeways of the
city while the five people inside, oblivious to the growing chill
in the air, talked on about the visit to their recently attacked
friend.  Gina's blonde hair kept whipping into her face which she
would answer with a pull back of her beautiful locks out of her
eyes.  Lucas, riding shotgun, sat sideways as to better converse
with the three passengers in the back: Mark, Lisa, and Warren.
	"He looks much better," Lucas was continuing his pep talk, "not
as pale and much more fiery, I must say".
	"Must you?" Gina retorted, teasing the young lad, drawing an odd
standing eyebrowed glance.
	"Hmmm.. heh.. I hope he doesn't have to be there long.  Just
ain't the same working without him, Man.  Nobody to sing "Floyd"
with me!  Hmmm.. heh.. hmm."  The young man was in a considerably
better mood after seeing his friend was indeed much better.
	"So, when Chris gets sprung," Warren began, "we gonna start up
the band?"
	"Ah Warren," Lucas chided the youth, his protege, "we must be
patient.  A band doesn't just get thrown together... it needs
nurturing... it needs patience..."
	"It needs a NORMAL drummer," a giggle came from the back as Lisa
piped up.  Squished between Mark and Warren, she was quite cozy
and warm.  She found the fresh air exhilarating and was also in a
great mood to see Chris (whom she credits for saving her life)
doing so much better.  Everything seemed to be going the right
way for once - even after a vicious encounter with a gang of
thugs and an attempted rape.  She would never have imagined she
could still feel good after events such as these... even a month
ago.  But feel good she did.  Such a change.  Bringing her
wandering thoughts back to the conversation in the car, she
noticed Lucas smiling at her.
	"What?"  She declared loudly with a half-grin of her own.
	"Oh nothing," Lucas taunted her, still smiling, "I was just
wondering if you were nice and WARM back there between two
strapping young men?"
	"Shut up, you!" She laughed, and reached over to punch his arm,
but missed.
	"Leave her alone, Lucas, or I'll tell them all the truth about
you," Gina giggled, repeating the words to one of her favorite
	"You wouldn't," Lucas replied, playing along.
	"Oh, I would, though..." she finished, laughing.
	"You're a swine, isn't she Mark?" Lucas went on.
	"What? Oh hmmm... oh yeah.. heh!  Yeah a swine!" Mark stammered,
forgetting for a second the words to the little drama.
	"What the HELL are you guys talking about?" Lisa asked, "and why
are you all talking in English accents?"
	"It's an 'in' joke," Warren smiled, "They wouldn't tell me for
the longest time either."  At that exact moment of silence, the
CD started a song that everyone in the car cheered for and
started singing along to.  The red convertible got more than a
few awkward stares from pedestrians and fellow drivers when they
saw five people all yelling out.
	"'And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy!'"
	The five friends drove around a while longer before Gina
returned them home, one by one, and parked her car in the
driveway of her house... an invitation to a good night's sleep.

	"I gotta blue!  Anyone gotta blue?" Gina roared to her gathering
of friends for the daily ritual of musical dominance.  Out of the
hospital and feeling better for about a week now, this was Chris'
first day back to work.  He looked at the green Smartie in his
hand and peered at Mark.
	"Don't we use M&Ms for this?" Chris posed to his pal.
	"Yeah, we used to, but we hadda switch to Smarties... more
colors." Mark replied offhand hoping his red would be announced
soon.  Chris, Mark, and Lisa all stood at the foot of the stairs
to the upper level.  It was this upper level where the store had
started displaying its video selection, Chris' newly formed
Industrial section, and Mark's Punk, Hard-Core, and Ska section. 
Standing halfway down, in a bright yellow skirt with suspenders
over a tight white T-shirt was Gina.  Her shirt was open at the
stomach, revealing the relatively new navel ring she'd gotten on
Deb's suggestion.  Deb also got one as a form of bond between
the, then new, best friends.
	Gina was wearing her hair up today and it cascaded down her back
and face like a bright waterfall lit up by the sun.  Giggling,
she continued her chore.
	"Green!" She yelled, and Chris just smiled as he held it for all
to see, the motion putting a little stain on his chest, but not
too much pain.  In response, the ritual "throwing of the
Smarties" occurred as Mark and Lisa launched them at the young
	"Man," Lisa sighed, "I NEVER get picked first!"  Ignoring his
friend's complaints, Chris was already on his way to the stereo,
having chosen what he wanted to listen to some time before.  The
music started and all three of his coworkers looked at him in
	"What," Mark began to ask as the folk-style music began and a
sweet feminine vocalist started up, "no 'Suicide Commando' today,
	"Nah," Chris smiled as he noticed both Gina and Lisa in higher
spirits at the enchanting song, "you can only take so much of
that music before it gets to you."
	"Yeah, I know," Mark laughed, "Sometimes when I'm outta Vetoes I
think I'm gonna kill a customer!"  Chris laughed, nodding his
head in total agreement.  Gina circled around the two comrades in
a bit of a dance number, singing along to the chorus she had
quickly picked up on.  Sliding up to Chris, she grinned and
repeated the words along with the music.
	"'So kiss me...'" she purred, in her cute, flirting tone.
	"Maybe later, my darling," Chris politely declined; though he
did take her into his arms and dance with her for a small time. 
Lisa came running up to the three of them, fresh from dusting the
upstairs racks.
	"So who is this, Chris?  You've never played them before... they
really rock!"  Lisa asked, standing on her tippy-toes to make
herself more even to Chris' eye-level.
	"This band that's getting their 'Fifteen Minutes' for now...
though I do hope it stretches into a career and not a
one-hit-wonder.  They are called 'Sixpence None the Richer'. 
They were on the radio a fair amount when I was convalescing at
home."  Chris went on to explain.  The others sat back and took
in the melody and beautiful voice of the lead singer.
	"Are you mellowing out on us, Chris?" Gina teased.  Smiling back
at her as he went to the counter to begin his daily duties, Chris
simply said,
	"In the immortal words of Rudy Ratzinger, creator and force
behind 'Wumpscut'... 'Welcome to the Funeral Diner!!!!'"
	"Sixteen seventy-five, please, miss," Chris asked the woman at
his till.  She began searching in her purse for the three
quarters.  As she searched, her young daughter, Chris figured her
at about nine years, stopped her staring at Chris and shuffled
forward to ask him a question.
	"Mister?" the young blonde girl asked, her ponytail falling
behind her, bouncing off of her denim coveralls.
	"You can call me Chris, young lady," the clerk replied with a
smile that made the youngster giggle.  Her confidence growing,
the little one hopped up a bit and looked at Chris' shirt.
	"Chris, what does... Wump... Wumpscut... what does that word
mean?" she asked gingerly, and Chris smiled at the little angel. 
The child's mother was now watching the conversation between the
two with a fair amount of interest.  She'd been rather
intimidated by the large, black man, but he seemed very polite
and sweet to her baby... still.
	"You're a clever one," Chris began, drawing a blushing smile
from the girl, "most people, even big old folks like me, can't
pronounce that word... but you got it right on the first try! 
I'll bet your mom's really proud of you, huh?"  The woman smiled
at Chris, looking down to see the glowing, beaming face of her
	"I certainly am!  Why don't you introduce yourself to the nice
man, sweety?"  The mother prodded her child, who was growing shy
	"My name... my name is Amy!"  The adorable little girl replied,
her feet shuffling as she looked down at them, blushing again. 
Amy's mother smiled at Chris as he grabbed a button from beside
	"Hello Amy," he began, flashing the button in the sunlight to
catch the young girl's attention, "I'm pleased to meet you! 
Actually that word doesn't mean anything... it's the name of a
band I listen to.  Kinda silly, huh?" He grinned.
	"Like the Spice Girls?!?!?!" Amy asked, jumping up in glee.
	"Sort of," Chris replied, "but I don't think the Spice Girls
listen to Wumpscut."
	"Oh... do you like the Spice Girls?!  My favorite is Sporty
Spice!  She's super-cool!"  Amy was enthralled in the
conversation now and switched her view from Chris to the button
he was holding; back and forth.
	"Hey," Chris spoke in a gregarious tone, "My favorite is Sporty
too!  I think she's the best!  She has a great voice and she can
do all those flips and somersaults while singing... that's real
hard to do, you know."  Chris reached down and handed the button
to the young Amy who clasped it in her two hands with care.
	"This button," Chris whispered loudly, pretending this was a
secret-type thing, "Was made by my friend.  Her name is Debra. 
And let me tell you... she only makes these for the nicest,
coolest people!  Now since you like Sporty, and you can pronounce
the name of my favorite band... you are obviously the coolest
person in the store... so you take this, Okay?"  Amy held the
button up, reading it to her mom... "Too cool for this planet". 
Giggling and blushing all at once, little Amy jumped up and down
in glee.
	"What do you say to Chris, Amy?" the woman directed her
	"Thank you, Chris!  This is the coolest present ever!"  She
immediately began attempting to pin it on her coveralls.  With a
little help from her fawning mother, the button was firmly in
place, right over her heart.  The two got their things together
and were ready to head out.  Amy was running ahead with her new
prize and waved back at Chris as she leaped outside.
	"That was very nice of you," Amy's mom thanked Chris.  Smiling,
Chris simply replied.
	"No problem, she's a real sweetheart."
	"She can be, but you know children..." Amy's mother smiled and
turned to leave.
	"You have a good day, Ma'am!"  Chris bellowed after her, drawing
a wave and a smile from the woman as she exited the store.  It
was then that Mark came up beside his friend.
	"Ahhh... someone's got a crush on Chrissy!!!"  He teased the
young man.
	"Well," Chris grinned, puffing his chest out as much as he could
without causing himself undo pain.  "Who can blame her?" He
	"You cradle robber, you!" Mark chided, slapping him on the
shoulder, gently enough as not to re-injure him.  Chris just
smiled.  The two friends both turned to their tills as customers
approached.  When they had finished their transactions, they
began talking again about one of their favorite subjects: Punk
vs. Industrial, which was harder.  They were rather involved in
their conversation.  As a consequence, they didn't notice the
young woman who stepped up to the counter.
	"Acchhh..." the pretty young woman spat, her brown hair
highlighted by streaks of orange and green; her eyebrow pierced
on the left side, "If yer jes gonna ignore mae, yeh shoulda'nae
asked me to come!"  Mark looked at Chris in utter confusion, but
Chris had no answers.  Growing even more impatient, the beautiful
young spitfire, she looked to be about seventeen, maybe eighteen,
put her hands on her hips and glared up at the two confused
cashiers.  Though she was almost a foot shorter than Chris, her
personality and flare made her seem MUCH taller.
	"Well then," she continued her tirade, "Are y'okay in the head,
then?  No recent blows or falls didja take?"
	"Ummm..." Mark began, "who ARE you?"  His green 'Primus' shirt
falling around his shoulders as he leaned forward over the
	"Acchh..." the girl shouted, shaking her head, "din'nae anyone
tell yeh I was comin' down fer today, then?  Aye, prob'ly not. 
Everything always gets buggered up in me life.  Name's Moira,"
she reached over the counter to shake Mark and Chris' hands, but
both were too stunned to notice.  She pulled her arm back and
cocked her head to one side.  "Yer sure yeh ne'er been dropped,
then?"  Her black boots ran up soft, pale skin to a knee-length,
black skirt.  This was accompanied by suspenders, one of which
hung down below her waist, and a black and grey shirt with
strange designs on it.  Her light brown eyes glinted with both
mischief and fun when not glaring anger into a person.  Her arms
were now folded over her perfect, supple breasts, only enhanced
by her tight shirt.  Both men were at the complete mercy of their
respective "Y" chromosomes and driven speechless.
	Finally the young Moira, threw her arms in the air in
frustration and head for the back room.  Mark and Chris both
stood staring straight forward.
	"What just happened here, Man?" Mark asked a beleagured Chris.
	"Ummm.... I believe we've been invaded by a stunning young
Scottish lady."  He replied, regaining his composure.
	"Hmmm..." Mark began, smiling, "I guess Joe needs another
	"I guess," Chris replied, thinking: always on my shift.
	Over the next week, Anna and Corey had grown into very good
friends.  Corey found Anna to be very intelligent, sweet, and
most importantly: funny.  She was always joking around and trying
to make Corey laugh when she was down.  After everyday, Corey
and Anna would stop by Anna's dorm room and head out for a bit of
relaxation.  It was on one of these occasions that Corey
suggested they visit AJ.  Anna, who'd been waiting forever to
meet Corey's boyfriend, agreed with great enthusiasm.
	The two were walking down the leaf-covered walkway to AJ and
Corey's apartment.  The sun was showing signs of traveling below
the horizon soon, and the shadows had grown longer.  The wind was
fresh and coming from the south today, the scent of tree sap and
motor-oil being carried on it - a strange contradiction.
	"So how long, now?" Anna whined, teasing Corey.  Corey shoved
her buddy with a smile.
	"Two minutes less than the last time you asked, brat!"  Corey
replied laughing.  Anna had been acting a child on a long journey
since they'd left her dorm room.  Constant complaints about
needing to go to the bathroom, being too bored, being hungry, and
asking for updates on their travel time were thrown at Corey at
regular intervals.
	"Are you sure AJ isn't going to mind?" Anna asked, turning
serious for a moment.
	"No," Corey reassured her, "He's always asking me to bring my
friends over.  I think he's developing a complex about it, like
I'm ashamed to introduce any of my friends to him."  Corey
giggled at the thought, remembering his teasing her about being
ashamed of him.
	"Why didn't you bring any?" Anna asked, curious now.
	"Well," Corey stammered nervously, looking at Anna, "I've never
met anyone I could talk to or call a friend until you."
	"Oh that's so sweet!" Anna proclaimed, her hands folded in front
of her, her eyelashes batting like hummingbird wings.
	"Shut up, you!" Corey laughed at the friendly mocking.  The two
continued to walk down the sidewalks and streets of the Boston
area, until finally Corey's apartment was in sight.
	"There it is," she exclaimed excitedly, pointing to a quaint,
three story building.  The structure was well kept and covered in
dark wood, with concrete making up the corners and various other
edges on the building.  "We live on the top floor."
	Anna stopped, clutching her hands together, a look of fear and
worry on her face.
	"Anna," Corey asked quickly, "what's wrong?"
	"What if he hates me, Corey?  It's happened many times before!"
Anna voiced with great concern.  "As soon as a guy finds out I'm
a lesbian, they treat me like I'm competition... like another
guy, I guess."
	"Anna, AJ isn't like that," Corey tried to explain to the
skittery young woman, "He's the most understanding and sweet
person you'll ever meet.  He isn't like other guys I've met... he
has more self-confidence and a deep reservoir of inner strength
that amazes me!  He won't feel threatened.  And besides, it's not
like you have to announce you are a lesbian if you don't want
to... that's your business."  Corey's hand was resting on her
friend's shoulder, trying to make her more comfortable.  Still
not completely convinced, Anna placed her hand over Corey's and
squeezed it in thanks and for strength.
	"Okay," Anna replied, "let's do this!"
	The two entered the building and walked the stairs to Corey's
apartment.  Even before they reached the door, Anna and Corey
could hear the blaring sounds of music coming from behind it. 
Anna, recognizing the band as one of her favorites, cheered up
	"He's probably painting," Corey smiled, "he always blasts the
stereo when he's really into his work.  We used to get
complaints, but they've died off... I guess the other tenants
just gave up." Corey laughed.  Fitting her key into the door,
Corey turned it and Anna swallowed hard... still very nervous. 
Opening the door, the music poured out into the hall as the two
entered the apartment.  AJ was blasting some Black Sabbath tunes,
apparently, as Anna recognized the song 'Supernaut' on entry. 
Taking their boots off and hanging up their coats, the two girls
walked into the large room which served as both living room and
artist's loft.  AJ was feverishly painting oils onto a large
canvas.  He'd taken his shirt off so not to get it dirty--and
due to the heat of the apartment.  Paint had splashed over his
arms, a bit on his chest and sides, and tons on his hands.  He
had yet to notice the two young women.  He stopped suddenly,
wiped his brow with his arm, and reached over for his bottle of
water.  In doing so he caught a look at two bodies in his
peripheral vision.  His heart skipped a beat as the startled
artist whipped around to face the onlookers.  When he saw Corey
he just sank to the floor, head in his hands.  Grabbing the
remote for the stereo, he turned it way down.  AJ stood up and
began walking to Corey.
	"Jesus, you scared me Corey!" He stated, smiling.  Upon reaching
his muse, he gave her a soft kiss.  Looking at Anna, he crossed
his arms over his bare chest nervously.  Smiling awkwardly he
began to introduce himself to the lovely brunette.  "Heh... sorry
for the paint and lack of a shirt... I wasn't expecting Corey to
bring anyone home.  You must be Anna?"
	"Yeah," the girl answered, a bit stunned (OH MY GOD!!! Is he
EVER hot!), "heard of me, huh?"
	"Yeah," AJ answered with a smile, "Corey talks about you all the
time... but she didn't mention how lovely you were."  Corey,
smiling, gouged him in the side of the chest.  Anna just stood
there with a deep red blush.
	"Behave yourself, you flirt!" Corey giggled, glad AJ accepted
Anna so quickly.  She knew he would, but it felt good to be
correct about it.
	"Ow!" AJ laughed while he side-stepped the next blow, "Just
kidding Corey!  No need for violence.  You guys get comfy.  I'm
gonna go wash up and change, 'kay?"  He kissed Corey again and
jumped off towards the bathroom.
	"Let's sit down in the living room Anna.  I can show you a
bunch of AJ's paintings!" Corey exclaimed excitedly, pulling Anna
after her.  Anna thought to herself, he is so beautiful... but so
is she.  Oh man, what the hell am I doing here?  Finding a
comfortable, plush chair to seat herself in, Anna removed her
outer shirt and laid it down on the arm, sitting in her plain,
white T-shirt.  The apartment was very hot and the moister was
almost unbearable.  Scents of the strong oils began to dissipate
when Corey opened the patio door wider to let the cooler air
inside and flush out the wetness and fumes.
	"It gets sooo hot in here when he works this hard," Corey
lamented.  She circled around Anna, sitting facing the
television, off the side of the porch doors, and took her seat on
a couch, brown and lived in, next to her.  Looking around the
place, Anna noticed AJ's scattered sketches and paintings. 
Everything from full oil and acrylic paintings to pencil and
charcoal sketches were scattered about the place.  Finally taking
notice of AJ's current work, resting on his easel, Anna's eyes
shot wide open.
	"Holy Shit!" Anna exclaimed, half jumping out of her seat to
inspect the painting.  Corey, confused, just watched her until
she noticed what exactly was on the canvas that caused such a
	"OMIGOD!!!!"  Corey rushed forward and tried to block Anna's
view of the portrait.  Standing in front of it with the most red
of faces, Corey attempted a weak smile and kept moving side to
side, trying to block the grinning and curious Anna's view.
	"I've already seen it Corey," Anna urged, giggling, trying to
get a better look anyhow, "there's no point in stopping me now."
	"Oh pleeease," Corey was begging, "don't look Anna!  It's so
	"No it isn't at all," Anna grabbed the now defeated girl and
stood her aside.  Looking at the portrait with careful, soft
eyes, Anna looked at Corey and simply gasped at the marvel. 
"Corey, AJ goes WAAAYYY beyond talent!  This looks more like a
picture than a painting!"
	"I know," Corey insisted, "that's why I don't want you to see
	"Why," Anna remarked as if nothing was amiss about the portrait,
"it's the most beautiful painting I've ever seen!"
	"I know," Corey admitted to AJ's talent, more than the model,
"BUT I'M NAKED IN IT!!!"  AJ walked in the room then, a quick
clean-up and a shirt later, and saw the two in front of his
painting.  Gulping, he slapped his forehead and jumped the couch,
nudged the two girls aside,  and whipped the tarp over the
	"Corey!  Corey, I'm soooo sorry," he exclaimed as the tears in
her eyes began to well, "Jesus! When you scared me I completely
forgot which painting I was working on... I... I'm so sorry,
Corey!"  He tried to take her in his arms, but the humiliated
young woman shoved him violently away, tears coming down harder
	"How could you do this to me!?!?!  You KNOW how self-conscious I
am!  I HATE you!"  Corey screamed in pain and anger, running to
the room and locking it behind her.  AJ, dejected, slumped
against the wall next to his easel, his hands covering his face. 
He moved them up, pushing up his hair and let them fall to his
knees as he leaned over to sit down... back against the wall.  He
looked up at Anna who was beyond shocked and experiencing one of
the single most uncomfortable moments in her life.  AJ smiled up
at her, weak and beaten.
	"Have a seat," he almost laughed at the mess he'd inadvertently
caused, "I could use someone to lean on."  Anna, feeling very
much guilty for making a fuss in the first place, plopped down
next to AJ.  She sat holding her knees, looking at AJ's handsome
face.  She noticed a slight scar over his lip, but it only seemed
to add to his beauty in her eyes.
	"A dog," AJ mentioned, not even looking at Anna.
	"Pardon?" Anna replied, not understanding the comment at all. 
AJ looked in her big brown eyes and smiled.
	"The scar... on my lip... you were looking at it.  It was caused
by a dog who bit me when I was three."
	"Oh," Anna said self-consciously as a sob came from down the
hall.  Anna looked at the hallway's entrance and sighed.  This is
all my fault, she thought.
	"It's not your fault," AJ remarked offhand, and Anna shot her
head over at him in amazement.
	"How'd you know..." she began, but AJ smiled and interrupted
	"Your eyes give away a lot, Anna.  Maybe you aren't used to
people reading you like I can... I just seem to be able to. 
Except when it comes to Corey sometimes." At that remark, he
chuckled, and Anna smiled a bit too.  "We haven't been formally
introduced," AJ smiled, holding his hand out for Anna to shake,
"I'm AJ, artist and stupid boyfriend."
	"I'm Anna," the young woman took his hand firmly, "Humanitarian
and stupid friend."  They both laughed together.  Anna was very
stricken with AJ, she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt
so comfortable around a guy.... worse, she couldn't remember a
time she felt this... strangely... about a guy.  This really
worried her.  AJ was busy studying his new acquaintance with
great interest.  He smiled.
	"What?" Anna asked.
	"You like Corey don't you?" AJ smiled softly.
	"Yeah, she's great!  She's the nicest person I've met since
coming to Boston.  And now I feel like I've thrown a wrench at
the two of you."  Anna sighed hard.  How can he see through me so
	"That's not what I meant and you know it Anna." AJ grinned,
teasing the young brunette next to him.  Anna flushed deeply. 
She shifted around and searched the limits of her brain for what
to possibly say to that.  How the fuck can he see this???  AJ put
his hand on Anna's shoulder, turning her towards him so he could
face her eye-to-eye.
	"It's okay, you know," he said in understanding tones, "when you
see her from afar, or talk to her... when you see her smile and
laugh... when you see the beauty inside and outside of her...
it's impossible not to love her."  He looked off in the distance,
a wistful expression painted on his face.  "I think it took me a
week to realize I really was in love with her... five years to tell her
though!"  He chuckled to himself, still gazing into the past.  He
felt Anna grab his arm gently and he turned his head towards
her.  A single tear had rolled gently down his chiseled
cheekbone, leaving a salty, wet trail behind it.  (He's so
	"AJ," Anna croaked, trying to clear her throat of the lump
forming in it, "I guess you know then what... well, ummm...
how...  Fuck!  What my 'persuasion' is then?" She finally managed
to cough out.  AJ smiled and nodded, not making any attempt to
remove the tear from his chin.
	"Yeah," he began, "I kinda figured.  Not sure why... it just
seemed to come to me that way."
	"So are you, like, going to hate me and stuff...cause I've had
some..." she started but AJ smiled and interrupted her again.
	"Anna," he began in earnest, "if you love her, there isn't
anything I can do about it.  This is something I've come to
accept and understand.  In truth, if I wasn't so in love with
her I'd wish you the best of luck.  But even as it stands, I'll
never see you as a 'threat', so to speak, because if my
relationship with Corey isn't strong enough to stand up to
complications - then it's already dead.  I love her so much...
but if she doesn't return it... there is nothing I can do to
change the way she feels; other than be who I am and trust that my
actions and love for her will speak for themselves."  AJ looked
at the ceiling.
	"I... I DO like her a lot, AJ, I won't bother lying about it. 
And I do wish she was single.  But she's now with a great
guy," AJ turned, surprised at the compliment and Anna's words of
truth, "I don't think she is 'into girls' anyway.  Even if she
was... I couldn't bring myself to ruin what you two have... what
I wish I could find so much!  Especially after meeting you... and
just seeing for myself how sweet, caring and special you are." 
Now Anna had a pair of soft tears rolling down her cheeks.  AJ
wrapped his arm around his new friend and Anna ley her head on
his shoulder.
	"What are we going to do with that girl?" AJ chuckled, forcing
Anna to laugh away her tears.  "It's too bad God didn't bless the
Earth with two of her."
	"Amen" Anna replied.  The two sat comforting one another for a
few minutes, when AJ looked down at Anna, kissed her head in
thanks, and began to rise.
	"Let's go tell that special girl how much we love her and how
sorry we are," AJ announced, his hand outstretched for Anna to
take.  Grasping his fingers, she pulled herself up with his help
and they headed down the hall to Corey's room to sort things out.
************************ end chapter 9 ***********************

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