Ethan and Johnny-bros?

Hey, did you ever notice that Ethan and Johnny could pass for brothers? No, I don't mean that they look alike (although with some of their facial expressions they do) I mean that they remind me so much of eachother. Their personalities and all! From their "rock" clothes and look to their unshaved faces to their goofiness, they always make me crack up when I see a picture of them together. For instance look at the pic that I have above, they got the rock look (the bracelets and necklaces and stuff), you can tell that they're both goofy and stuff, etc...I just think that it's so funny! They remind me of 2 surfers when they say tubular! LOL! And that scene with them dancing together in Empire, I just loose it, I think the two are hilarious! Also there are 2 things you need to know about these two, whenever Ethan or Johnny make a movie they almost never go unshaven or in their glasses, although when they're not doing a movie they usually sport facial hair or can be caught in glasses! Oh well I just thought I'd tell ya what I think, and maybe you think the same thing as me! So that's it on this page-For Now. Check back some other time and maybe I'll have added more stuff! LOL!

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