Empire Trivia (how much do you know?)!

OK this is like my other trivia page, only this one is for Empire Records! Remember: I will give you a list of questions, then you answer them to what you believe to be correct. When you're done scroll down to see if you're correct! No cheating!!!

I wanna dedicate this page to Alix (luv2parT4@aol.com) She made most of the questions on this page! She deserves most, if not all of the credit for this page! So thanks Alix! Now lets get going:

1. When Mark takes the trash out, who is on the huge poster he kisses before he goes back in?

2. What types of CDs does Warren take?

3. What color was Corey's skirt that AJ hated? (be specific)

4. What color is Deb's bike?

5. What kind of underwear does Rex wear?

6. What kind of a boss is Joe?

7. What did Deb try to kill herself with?

8. What are the 4 main songs in the movie?

9. What year was Empire Records started?

10. Who wants to start a band?

11. Who wants to sing in a band?

12. Who is Rex's assistant?

13. Who took a suprise trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey?

14. Who's the boss? (Not manager, owner)

15. Which 2 became boyfriend & girlfriend at the end?


1. Mark kissed the Gloria Estefan poster

2. Rap, Metal, Rap, Metal, and Whitney Houston, Warren steals

3. AJ hated Corey's blue skirt with flowers

4. Deb's motorbike is yellow

5. Jockey, navy blue, Rex wears

6. Joe is a "superb" boss

7. A pink plastic ladybic with flowers on it Deb used to try and kill herself

8. "Till I Hear It From You", SugarHigh", "Seems", and "Romeo & Juliet"

9. 1959 Empire was started

10. Mark wants to start a band

11. Gina wants to sing in a band

12. Jane is Rex's assistant

13. Lucas went to A.C

14. Mitch is the boss/owner

15. AJ and Corey got together at the end

I hope all of you did well! Now here's your total:

0-3 correct: watch the movie a few more times

4-7 correct: you're ok, but pop in the video one more time

8-12 correct: you're a pretty big fan

13-15 correct: you're a HUGE expert fan!

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