Here's Quotes From the Most Quotable Movie!

 "My Life has reached it's pintacle: Joes' letting me close the store tonight!"-Lucas

 "In the immortal words of The Doors-the time to hesitate is through"-Lucas
 "It's $9104 I counted it-twice"-Lucas

 "I'm guided by a force much greater then luck"-Lucas

 "I wonder if I'll be held responsible for this"-Lucas

 "If ya ever wonder if it was nice to know you, I tell you now that 
it was"-Lucas

 "I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do"-Lucas

  Where's the money
  Joe the money's gone. 
  Yeah I know it's gone. Where's it gone to?
  Atlantic City! 
  Atlantic City? 
  Is it coming back from Atlantic City?
  Ah...I don't think so Joe.
  What's it doing in Atlantic City?
  Recirculating?!!"-Joe and Lucas

 "Joe, we're all in some kinda trouble, am I the only one who 
sees it? Ya know Deb's in trouble and A.J's in trouble...
  A.J's not in trouble!
  And Corey's in trouble...
  Corey's not in trouble-she's going to Harvard!
  Mark's in trouble and Eddie's in trouble...
  Hey! I'm the one who's in trouble here. Cause every minute 
that goes by and I don't call the cops, I look like a bigger
banana head!
  Joe, I can categorically say that you are not a bigger 
banana head!
  Hmm (AJ laughs)
  You screwd me Lucas, ya know that right? What do ya want me 
to do, call Mitchell tell him I lied?
  It seems like a viable option!
  I swear to God if you're fooling with me I will kill 
you!"-Lucas, AJ, and Joe

 "In this life there are nothing but possibilties"-Lucas

 "Who knows where thoughts come from they just appear!"-Lucas

 "What's with today today?"-Lucas

 "What the hell is this, Joe?"--Corey 
 Rules and standards for Musictown employee conduct? 
 Put these in the boxes. 
 The ol Musictown a change-o?
 No gum chewing will be allowed inside the store? You're 
turning us into a Musictown? 
 So, why didn't you tell us?
 Because I was trying to stop it
 What do you mean?
 Look, I got together enough money to make Mitch an offer. He 
was gonna make me a partner.
 You were gonna buy Empire?
 That's a good thing, right?
 Yeah, that would be fantastic.
 You think it's gonna happen now? I have to pay for what 
Mr. Brilliant here did. It's over kids, ok?
 Mitchell is the man Joe.
 Yeah and the man calls all the shots. 
 Damn the man!
 Let me explain it to you...I'm the idiot, you're the screw 
up, and we're all losers..Welcome to Musictown!-Corey, AJ, 
Joe, Mark, and Lucas  
 "Joe? Is it ok if leave the couch now? Cause I'm gonna leave 
the couch now ok, my ass is falling asleep so I gotta go! I'm 
leavin now!" -Lucas

 "Always play with their minds!"-Lucas

 "Hey! Can I help you with anything?
  No I'm alright! Thanks!
  Ya like music?
  Me too!...The fat man walks alone!"
  What? Wuzzup? What are you some kinda wierdo?"
  Big coat your wearing-lots of pocket room!
  Yeah, see ya!
  I'm sure I'll bump into you! (the chase begins)
  Isn't it customary to leave the scene after commiting the crime?
  Definitely an amateur!
  "Attention Rex Manning fans! To your left, you will 
notice a shoplifter being chased by our night manager, 
Lucas. This young man will be caught, deep fried in a 
vat of hot oil, and served to out first 100 customers. 
Ha ha ha Just another tasty treat from the gang at Empire 
  ...OH SHIT! (been caught)"-Lucas, Warren, Mark, Gina, and Deb
 "Why don't you go shove em up your ass!
  Because that would hurt a lot Warren"-Warren and Lucas

 "Warren look what you took...rap, metal, rap, metal... Whitney Houston!
  It's for my girlfriend alright!
  Sure it is, ya know someone like you needs to demeaner 
their criminal impulses-not magnify them, maybe some Jazz or 
some Classical!
  Maybe you bite me!"-Lucas and Warren

 "Do any of you like Rex's new album?
  (all laugh)
  Dance party USA Teeny bopper type o'shit right?
  Actually, it tested well amoungst teenage males!
  Jane did ya comare the percentage of teenage Rex Manning 
fans to the percentage of homosexuality amoungst teenage 
males? (more laughs)
  No!"-Jane, Warren, and Lucas

 "Mark, who's your favorite singer?
  Well if Axl Rose was driving down the freeway and saw 
Rex Manning stranded on the side of the road. Do you think Axl 
would stop to help?
  (thinks some)...Does Axl have a jack?
  No way man, Axl would spin the wheel, take aim, pound on the
 gas and take that sucker out! VROOOMMM!
  Where do you get this hostility from?"-Lucas, Mark, and Warren


 "I wet my bed up until I was 10"-Lucas

 "Don't let the man get you down!"-Lucas

 "Perfect...well not entirely perfect"-Lucas
 "Hey Lucas, Lucas man wake up!"-AJ

 "Lucas, how much? HOW MUCH...?...Shit!
  What do you mean by shit man? What's up? Huh?
  Well Lucas doesn't have any money, and Joe let him close 
the store last night so...
 Yeah and...oh...heehee Oh! I guess he didn't live up to the 
full responsibility of the position did he?
  No, Not the full responsibility...Uh Oh, shut up...Hey! 
What's up Joe?
  Hey Joe! What's with the boss threads man?
  Friggin Rex Manning Day!
  What's up with the hostility, Joe?
  Say no more, mon amour....(singin and blows a kiss)
  Lips are for kissing baby Je t'adore....(")"-AJ, Mark, and Joe

 "Hey Joe can I ask your advice...Now I know you know a lot
about love and woman and all that stuff right?
  Oh yeah, my wife left me for another woman and my girlfriend
forced me to leave at gun point, does this qualify me?
  Oh yeah definitely. Joe I've decided that today's the day that
I'm gonna tell Corey how I feel about her. Now I know what your
thinking but I really am. See I've been working here off and on
for 5 years man, so I gotta tell her, I gotta tell her that I 
you know that I uh...
  Love her...
  Yeah! Now how do I do that?
  You say I Love You...whatidya want written indtructions?
  I'm gonna tell her this morning, no noon, yeah by noon, 
no noon or one, no by 1:37 exactlty Joe!
  Well good luck!
  Why thank you!"-AJ and Joe
 "Does Joe know?
  No just act normal!
  Hey Joe how's it going?
  What's up, Joe?"-Corey and AJ

 "Hey AJ man whatidya doing?
  Exercising my!
  Are you sure ya wanna do that?
  Mark, listening to this crap is guaranteed to make ya sterile!
  (under breath) Maybe I wanna be sterile."-Mark and AJ

 "Hey Lucas, do you think it's possible for someone to be in 
love with someone else and not even know it?
  In this life there are nothing but possibilites!
  Well that's good cause I have to tell Corey that I love her 
by 1:37!
  That's an excellent time!"-AJ and Lucas

 "Wow, you did have hair when you went in there right?
  Yeah, it's still in the sink if ya wanna glue it!"-AJ and Deb

 "Who glued these quarters down?
  I did!
  What the Hell for man?
  I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren!"-
Warren and AJ

 "Corey, I gotta tell you something. It's about how I feel about
you. I really, really, REALLY...ah oh God...You know that feeling
you get when you just get out of a nice hot bath, all warm and
refreshed and nice! Well you make me feel, you make me feel...
like a bath? Augh!  You're like vanilla ice cream, yeah, french
vanilla ice cream! (smiles, then goes find Corey, looks at her
makes a face then walks away, comes back makes a movement with 
his hands then walks away again!)-AJ

 "You're gonna regret this! I'm not playing this time! I'll be 
back and you'll be sorry! (shouts while being dragged away by 
the cops)
  Whoa, and you'll be sorry (mimicking Warren)
  I'm already sorry!
  (laughs)"-Warren, AJ, and Joe

  What are you doing here?
  Fixing the sign.What are you doing?
  Taking a break.
  Wow, it's really weird that you just came up here. Look, 
I really need to tell you something!
  Not now, please...please AJ not now.
  No no it has to be now. Listen, you remember that really 
horrible day when Mark set off the store alarm and Gina got 
dumped by that dentist guy and cried all day and I drew the 
picture of them and Lucas made the voodoo doll and you wore 
that skirt that I hate? Do you remember that day?
  What skirt?
  The one with the flowers...
  The blue skirt?
  Yeah, the blue one, I hate...
  You hate that skirt?
  Yeah, I hate that skirt, but it's good that I hate that 
skirt, Corey, cause, listen to me, skirt made me realize that 
I mean, if I can love her in that skirt, then this must really 
be it! Corey, I love you!
  What?...(asks in shock)
  I mean, I'm in love with you, I'm in love with you!
  Oh, wow! Please not now AJ. Please don't do this right now. 
I'm sorry, but I...I can't handle this right now...
  What are telling me? That you could handle it some other 
time? Is that it?
 Look, I just threw myself at Rex Manning ok? I made a total 
fool out of myself...and I really, I can't take this right now ok! 
  You what? (asks shockingly)
  Yes, and I'm not ready for this ok? And I'm sorry...I'm 
sorry. I just wanna be alone right now, alright?
  Yeah sure, just forget I said anything alright! Just forget it!
I didn't say anything...nothing happened!(walks away upset)"-AJ 
and Corey

 "Deb, perfect timing, step inside please!
  What? Uh uh, veto! I'm not listening to this shit, no way!
  No...We're dancing to it, you don't gotta listen!
  Hell no! I'm not dancing to Rex Manning!
  Why not? Yes you are, I am Rex!...I'm so sexxxy!
  No you're stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  No I'm sexy!!! (puts her hand on his um his ah ya know his...
reproductive organ right below his waist! Then they start
dancing, while Corey's watching and AJ takes off his shirt,
making Corey really really jealous!)"-AJ and Deb
 "(after Gina and Rex come out of the room together, and
everyone's lookin all pissed at them, especially Corey, Rex
says... What no applause?
  You son of a bitch! (then AJ jumps him all mad)
  Why you little shit, get off me! (AJ kills him until Joe
and Corey using all their strength pulls him off Rex, then Rex
punches him in the eye, and he falls down in Corey's arms)"
-Rex and AJ

 "Hey AJ man. Can I ask ya something? Do you know where Harvard
  It's by Boston.
  No, I mean do you really know where Harvard is, it's a whole
other planet man, a whole other universe, totally unlike the
one we know. Filled with big blonde guys who eat ivy and row boats.
What I'm trying to say is, you and Corey are just not made for
eachother, she's different than you, she's...(AJ walks away)
-Eddie and AJ

 "AJ, do you have something to say?
  Well um, is it better to know or not to know?
  See I wanna go to art school, but I'm afraid!
  Jesus, I hate this funeral!"-Corey, AJ, Deb

 "What are you doing with a gun?"-AJ

 "No wait, here I made something for you...Warren, I work here! 
(reads tag)
  Cool, thanks man! Can you keep it here for me, so when I get 
  Sure!"-AJ and Warren

 "Here's 23 dollars from AJ's expense account!"-AJ

 "5 bucks! 5 dollars a beer people, have you money ready, 

 "Happy Rex Manning day!"-Corey

 "Dad says, 'there are 24 usuable hours in a day!'"-Corey

 "You amaze me! You are such a nerd!
  That's me!"-Gina and Corey

 "I remember the first time he sang it on the Family Way, I got
so excited I almost choked on a pretzel!"-Corey

 "Calculus, I hate it but my dad says I gotta get an A."-Corey

 "That's supposed to be a joke right?
  No, you're the joke!"-Corey and Deb

 "Revealing clothing, yeah!"-Corey


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