Little Know Facts About Empire & Stuff!!!

Bet you didn't know....

1. Lucas's real name was Tony Lucas. Lucas was his nickname! That explains why they called him Mr. Lucas at a time in the movie!

2. AJ's name stands for Apple Juice. That was his real name!

3. Mark was the youngest employee at 16, before Warren came!

4. In one of the earlier scripts they weren't going to save the store, Mitch would get it and Joe would buy another store where the employees would work!

5. During filming the actors would get in trouble so much that Allan Moyle (director) would have to stop and play mother to them! What/if any crimes were commited were not released! *lol*

6. The set was built over 30,000 feet right by the beach in Wilmington, North Carolina. And the 30,000 ft was only the record store The whole set was the Empire store and the stores & area around it. The Empire store itself was built over a huge soundstage where former concerts were held. It took 8 weeks to build and they stocked the store with over 50,000 records and such, plus posters.

7. In the movie they cut out all the drug use (Pot smoking scenes), a lot more cursing and more "graphic" words, and possibly some other sexual scenes!

8. It was a big budget movie and was supposed to make the budget back plus lots more in gross when it hit theaters, but something went wrong and it was barely released and flopped only making 300,000 something! It was a major let down for everyone!

9. In some of the first original versions there was supposed to be nudity. Corey and Gina both had nude scenes!

10. Rex never became the enemy at the end. They did throw him out of the store, but they cut out the part where he apologizies and they all make amends! He even sings with Berko and Gina! (there is one picture of all 3 of them singing together!)

11. The cast and crew and everyone supposedly had a great time making the movie and made friends with everyone!

12. There were atleast 11 deleted scenes to the movie!

13. Over 33 minutes were cut out!

14. The cut character, Lilly, was supposed to have a crush on either Lucas or Mark!

15. They cut out the whole beginning of the movie!

16. Most of the scenes that were cut completed the movie and if added in the film would have made a LOT more sense. And it wouldn't have been called plotless or dissed as much by critics!

17. Originally the reason Deb tried to kill herself was because of Berko. The 2 had slept together the day or so before and Berko walked away cause it was too good. And Deb thought something else. At the end of the film he explains and they get back together! This is what was supposed to happen!

18. There were nicknames in the movie for eachother for some. For example, Lucas called Mark: Snoop Markity Mark!

19. They were said to cut out the 3 other characters because there was already too many characters to focus on and they didn't wanna confuse people! Right...!

20. There was supposed to be some "car scene" in the backseat of a car with AJ and Corey! I don't know if this scene was shot and they cut it out or if they just decided not to shoot it!

21. Allan Moyle really liked working with the actors! Despite all the times they got in trouble, he thought they were cool kids!

22. There were a lot of script drafts before the writer got to the one she liked best!

23. It's been said that you couldn't get a better or more cooperative cast (yah!) then the ones in the movie! The movie has also been called a Classic by a few movie sellers!

24. Some of the lines that were said by the characters in the movie were originally supposed to be said by other characters!

25. In Christmas of 1994, the cast and crew had to celebrate it together since they were still filming! And also Johnny got to turn 19 on the set on October 31, 1994!

26. Berko's band's name was the New Originals supposedly.

27. AJ's 5th anniversary of working at the store was on that day in the film, but they edited out the mentioning of it.

28. Tobey Maguire got his whole character cut out of "Empire Records" and now he's more famous than most of the other actors in the movie. Pretty f-upped huh!?!

29. In 1995, a few months before "...Records" was released. Ethan and Renee did a promo tour of it in Denver, CO and such. This was when it was still expected to be big. Then a few weeks before it released, the producers canned the promotion and put it in very limited release and the film bombed big time!

30. The same thing happened to Allam Moyle's (director) other 1980 movie, "Times Square," it's promotion and shit got canned too and it flopped!

31. "Empire" only made 300,000 something dollars in America when it was on it's brief limited release in only 4 cities without promotion. (Worse than most Indie films!)

32. Tobey Maguire left the set before filming was finished because he had a mental-breakdown while filming and had to leave so he could collect himself & see a shrink. And reportedly Dianna Miranda had to leave filming too because she got very sick and was hospitalized. Freaky huh?!

These little known facts became not so little being seen times since 8/31/99

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