Who would you like to be on my site and in the light for a month?

This is a page where YOU get to pick who goes on my site for a month! Say you love a certain actor, movie, music group, etc...that you want as this month's feature, just tell me! Whatever and whoever, YOU choose, that's the best part. Email and tell me the thing that you want featured, and the thing that gets asked for the most, or the thing that I like best, I will dedicate a page to it, for a whole MONTH!!! I will even give YOU credit on the page for having me make it! So hurry up and send in your requests. (Note: It would be really great if the thing pertained to one of the actors on this site, or to Empire itself, like say The Gin Blossoms, or Bob Gosse-cause he's Robin's husband, but whatever, it's up to you!) So hurry up and request now, because I don't plan on doing this much longer, it's a lotta work.

Give me a call ok, or better yet just email me...


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