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Brendan Sexton!

Brendan Sexton is also known as:
     Brendan Sexton Jr   or
     Brendan Sexton III 
His full name is Brendan Eugene Sexton

He was born on February 21, 1980, making him
now 18! He was born and raised in Staten Island,
New York. He made his first movie when he was 15
and it was "Empire Records!" His role as Warren
in Empire; brought him to do Welcome to the Dollhouse,
Hurricane Streets, and Pecker, along with lots of
other movies! He has a girlfriend, Safia, and they
have been dating for 2 years! His favorite movie is
"La Promesse" and his favorite show is 'The Simpsons'
He was up for a 1997 Independent Spirit Award, but did
not win! He has 6 other siblings. He is a vegetarian!

Personal Quotes:
"Before one can tell others to change, one must change thyself."

" stardom, my what?"

"I think everyone can be cool in their own way if they just let 
themselves be."

"I can't stand most of the big Hollywood stuff."

"It's kind of ironic how you have to sacrifice something to get 

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