There'some FrEakY shit man...

Did you ever notice that there's some really freaky shit going on with the Empire? Well if you didn't, there is! Here is where I'm going to give you a list of the freaky things: some of them are quite freak, others are quite funny! Well you see what you think of them ok!

#1. Ok well to begin, here's what I have to say first, since not many people know about this: Empire was supposed to be "big" ya know like blockbuster ratings and crap. It was treated like it was going to be big, the cast and crew thought it was gonna be big, even the selected few people (ex: Movieweb, publicized it before it went into theatres) who knew about it before it hit theatres thought it would be big! So what happens? I really can't say, but what I do know is that it was gonna be brought out like one of those supposed big hit movies, but by the time it finally was ready to hit theatres, something happened and it went into a limited release, playing in theatres in 2 select cities umpublized, so it flopped!-Majorly! Leaving everyone who worked on the movie in shock! Another suprising thing is that this was no cheap movie, it was supposed to have a big budget-so now you can see how much the business people (like Warner Bros) loved this! Well I'd be pissed to if I payed all that money and never gained it back! Freaky huh?

#2. Other thing is how much they cut from this movie! They cut 3 main characters and a whole other day! I mean what movie cuts that much? t All in all they had to of atleast cut 40 or so minutes! Their excuse for this was rumored to be that they thought they had too many characters as it was, and didn't want the audience to get confused, so they HAD to cut those characters! But I think that's bull, I mean come on we already had to concentrate on 12 characters, what's 3 more added to the list? They also cut a lot of stuff like; tons of bad language, drug use, and maybe some more sex scenes! They said they did this to get a PG-13 rating! But I personally think that they cut out great things! LOL Hell that's just my opinion though! But I mean who cares if it's R! And what I wanna know is: Where the hell did this dog: come from?

#3. Ok and what's with the end of the movie? I mean why do they end it by dancing on a roof? What's up with that? Of course it shows that everything turned out dandy and all, but still...Maybe there was a different ending in the original (ya know the whole other day that was cut), but still why did they have the ending with them dancing? It's cute and all, and definitely original, but....? Oh wellz

#4. And what's with all the goofs in this movie? I've noticed like 20 on my own that I don't think no one else noticed! And then there's all those other goofs that everyone noticed? I mean now come on here, how you can cut out a million scenes and things from the movie, but ya can't edit all the mistakes right! That's pretty pathetic!

#5. There's so many fans of this movie (millions) and no one seems to notice or give a shit. What's going on with that? I mean this movie can be like the biggest hit, but no one with connections to the film seems to notice! What are they blind or something that they can't see all these fans? Am I the only one to notice this???

#6. Did you ever notice how Empire is like some big secret or something? I mean is it like a curse for people to talk about it? Over the past 2 years that I've know of this movie, only a few people connected with the film have spoken about it, and they were some of the actors and the director! What's with that?

#7. Allan Moyle (the director) and Dianna Miranda-Lilly (one ofthe characters cut from the final edit) use to live together! Not many people knew about this and I just wanted to bring it up, not only because she's in her 20's and he's like in his 50's (not that there's anything wrong with that) but because I find it wierd that they were living together and then she was mysteriously cut from the movie! But I am NOT leading to anything with this, I just thought it was wierd that's all!

#8. On the Empire soundtrack, if you ever look at the thank yous inside the CD: they thank some of the actors. I think all the actors on my site were on the list of thank yous, along with Brenden Sexton and James Kimo Wills! I just think this is strange because I have about 6 other soundtracks, and in the thank yous inside those albums not even ONE thank you goes out to one of the actors in the film! Also why in the Empire soundtrack does it only thank a selected few people of the cast? I thought this was something strange and it just made me think...

Ok well that's it for now, I'll add more some other time! I guess the Empire really does have some freaky stuff circulating around it! Well "No one has it all together!"

If you have a freaky thing about Empire to add to this list, email it to me and I will be sure to give ya proper credit!

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