It seems that in my head I'm always depressed or complaining, and while that may be true, I wanted to prove that I am NOT all that unhappy. Yes, I may not be completely satisfied with life, but then, who really is? I don't want to seem like an ungreatful bitch because all life is a blessing and things can be much worse. So in light of all this, I wanted to dedicate a list to the things I'm greatful for :) ....

-I'm greatful for my family. I love them like nothing else. They have always been there for me, and no matter how much I can possibly screw up, they will always remain there for me. They truly have faith that I will succeed. I owe them everything!

-I'm greatful for the friends who have stuck by me and been there for me. In this life, true friends are a dime a dozen.

-I'm greatful to all of those that I've lost over the years. They were tremendous people and I hope to be half of what they were someday. Just knowing them made me a better person. As much as it tares my heart that they're gone, losing them taught me a lot. You can't take anything or especially anyone, for granted!

-I'm greatful to every person that I have known, whether I've loved them, liked them, or even couldn't stand them. To me, every person is there for you in some way or another and has shaped me to become whom I am today.

-I'm greatful for my actors, yes, that's right, my actors! You can't act being a good person-and they honestly are. They worked their asses off to get were they are and they deserve every good thing that comes to them. Their interviews and movies helped me through a lot. When I'm depressed, only 2 things make me smile; babies and my actors ;)

-I'm greatful for my angels. I should have been dead so many times by now; and for some reason or another they protected me. I'm glad for second chances.

-I'm greatful for my willpower and my morals. I've done a lot of shit, but luckily have been smart enough to not make it a habit, and have been able to say no to some things.

-I'm greatful for where I live. There are kids in 3rd world countries who are probably more worthy than me, who should be lucky enough to have what I have.

-I'm greatful for my skills and talents-cause some day when I'm a bum on the streets of LA, they may be the only thing that can save me.

-I'm greatful for my personality because I could be a bitch, but I'm truly not, and ironically I'm greatful for that. I still care so much for people and continue to have faith in them despite it all.

-I'm greatful for firemen, military workers, and all the others who fight for my life, risk their lives for me, and I haven't done anything for them. They're a better person now then I'll ever be and I respect that to my highest degree.

-I'm greatful for being able to make a "greatful list!" Some kids don't even get the chance to live to be my age and there are so many others worse out there. It truly devastates me what we take for granted.

-I'm greatful for the jobs I've been fortunate enough to work because they've prepared me for life and have taught me a lot.

-I'm greatful for everything and anyone who has ever come into my life because if not for them, I don't know where I would be today. Albeit, I'm no where near being of the best in the world, but I could be a lot worse.

-I'm greatful to my loved one's health for the most part and my health. Health and time are the two most important things in life, without a doubt. I pray that everyone I care for stays healthy and happy until a ripe old age!

-Lastly, I'm greatful for fate, because I don't believe in coincidences, I believe that everything happens for a reason; and maybe someday, if I'm lucky enough-I'll find out why some things are so fucked up.

...So yeah, I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's what I have right now. From now on, I'm gonna try to look more at the blessings in life and stop fretting over asinine shit. With that said, God bless, take care of yourselves, and be happy!!! :)