This is a page on all sorts of ironic things that occur with these actors. Some are pretty out there. It's very interesting. Coincidence?- I think not! But you be the judge for yourself....

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* About 80% of the people who worked with these actors end up becoming famous, AFTER they've worked with them. It's very true, I'm not imagining it. There has been soo many. From Ben Affleck to Angelina Jolie to Matt Damon to Scott Wolf and Mathew McConaughey, to Neve Cambell to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, etc, the list goes on and on!

* Other things involving their costars are; they always seem to act with the same people. Like one of them will act with, say Neve Cambell, and then 2 years later another of them will work with her. Like a chain, keeps going and going. (I've noticed this especially for Johnny and Liv costars!)

* How many people has Ethan re-worked with from "Empire Records" alone?!?! Lets see, there's been Liv, and Robin, and Debi Mazar, (and voice part w/Johnny) and he toured with Renee. Hmm. I got dibs on Johnny being next.

* Did you ever notice that after they date someone and then they breakup, that person becomes famousy? 3 examples, Joaquin Phoenix and Gina Philips, really unknown, then they breakup with these actors and instant success, aka "Gladiator" and "Ally McBeal." And also Jim Carrey-he was already famous and they're not broken up, but you gotten admit-Renee got him (and herself) back in the spotlight!

* That old question from 1998, "double AJ?" Is what Liv fans asked themselves. Referring to 2 of her characters' romance with AJ in "Empire" and in "Armageddon." Firstly, how many films do you know that have a character named AJ in them period? Nonetheless, 2 films that Liv did and she played the girlfriend of an AJ. That's alittle too wierd. And even wierder-they especially wanted Liv for that part. So I think it was wrote that way...

* "Empire Records" in itself. That's all that needs to be said...

* They're success never lasts! Like they'll have a movie that everyone's talking about, and they're the buzz of critics and audiences, but then it just disappears. No magazines or all that shit. Whereas other actors, one little second of "hitness" and they're the talk of town for over a year. What's up with this?!?

* Their films have a thing for the states of Texas and New Jersey. Lets see, more of their films than I can count take place in Texas, "Love and a 45," "Dazed and Confused," "Return of Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Dancer Texas Pop 81," "Whole Wide World," etc. (especially Renee and Rory flicks), and if it doesn't take place in Texas they've been shot there. 2 recent one's were just shot in Dallas ("Dr. T and the Women" and "Bullslingers). And Jersey, "Empire" took place there, there's a lot of mentionings of Jersey towns in their films. "One True Thing" was shot in Maplewood and "Fathers and Sons" was shot in Asbury Park, etc. I can understand Texas, but Jersey?! (I live here, c'mon!) Very stange.

* Despite that they're not "famous" famous, whenever they have a cameo or small role in a film, they're always towards the top of the cast. I'll go to one of their movies, expecting them to have a big role since they're up there with the stars of the film, and they'll be in it for 2 minutes! So it's obvious that despite they're unknown rap, they're still really respected by their peers and directors and stuff.

* Okay you'll say I'm nuts for this one, but oh well...Ethan and Robin are married right?! Now that'd be norm, but it's ironic because it leaves my "2 couples" still single: Johnny and Liv & Renee and Rory. And Ethan being the youngest and Robin the flirtiest-married already! I think that says something. So I definitely believe that Johnny and Liv will get together someday. I'm not entirely insane.

* 3 of their movies mention "glue" as holding something together. In "Empire," Kimo Wills says that the "music is the glue of the world, it holds it altogther." In "Somebody Is Waiting," Shirley Knight tells Johnny that for Gabriel Bryne: "he's the glue that holds your family together." And in "White Squall," Eric Cole (think it's him) says that Scott Wolf's character "has been the glue that holds us altogther." 3 movies-same basic quote! I found that extremely ironic, specially since "Empire" started it!

* A little Johnny trivia that I noticed. In all his movies, his female love interests have been tall for girls. Ranging from about 5'7-5'10. But most of his real-life girlfriends have been short, like 5'3. So that's just a tidbit. And another is: Liv has been his only "romantic costar" younger than him. The other movie girlfriends have been older than him.

* I've also noticed that the 3 guys have a thing for older women. Lets see, Ethan's ex, Heather was older by alittle, he once had a boy crush on Liv and she is older, and his wife is supposedly a few years older than him. Johnny's longtime, but now ex-girlfriend, Gina is older than him (some things say by a year, other by 5 years). And Rory who dated Renee, she's older by almost 3 years (2 years, 10 months, and 3 days, but hey who's counting :) and also Joey Lauren Adams who I believe is older than he. So it's an ironic thing...

* Both Ethan AND Robin met, eventually dated their spouses for approximately 4 months, and then married them. So it's strange to see Mr. Baby and Mrs. Flirt find love first and so quickly. But the really ironic thing is, they both seem to be real happy with their lives. So who says you have to know a person for 5 years and THEN get married. Horray for them, I know I'm happy for em!

* In Renee's movie, "The Bachelor" when you watch the credits, towards the end in the "thank yous" it thanks the "Empire Group." Now whether this is a company or whatnot, I don't know. But I found it strange that all the thank yous included people, except for this one, and that the female lead did a movie called "Empire." Maybe it's just a coincidence, then again, maybe Renee is still friends with these actors and they helped out. You can decide whatever you want.

* In an Ethan interview almost 3 years ago, he was asked about his thoughts on marriage and kids. And he just laughed and was like, look how young I am, that's not in the future for awhile. Now less than 3 years later he's married AND has a baby. Sure this is an every person coincidence, but Ethan's an every person too!

* And the #1 ironic thing is....that I actually sat here and wrote this! :)

More to come soon, when I think of them!!!...

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