Limp Bizkit is...
Fred Durst-Vocals,
Sam Rivers-Bass Guitar,
Wes Borland-Guitar,
John Otto-Drums,
DJ Leathal-Key Mixer

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January's Feature on....

Limp Bizkit!

They're the band that sells 1.5 million copies of their debut record, and have shared stages with the hottest acts in the world! Limp Bizkit rose out of their hometown of Jacksonville, FL, on the backs of their friends and allies around the globe. Through ceaseless touring and a dynamic live show, the little group with the curious name found themselves in heady company indeed.They're that band with a DJ from House of Pain, friends with KoRn, and who covered a George Michaels song. They formed in late '94 and had their 1st album 3 Dollar Bill, Y'all, hit the world in late '97. They had a massive hit on their hands with their inimitable cover of George Michael's "Faith," and they watched sales of their album fly past Platinum certification. Then 1999 would bring their 2nd album, Significant Other, in which the song about nookie (sex), called "Nookie" gave them another big hit! They have a unique sound of Heavy Metal with just a hint of Rap. But there songs can be just as Soft as they can be Hard! Which is why so many love them. They're in the same genre as KoRn and Rage Against the Machine, and I'm sure all 3 groups will be around for awhile!

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