Johnny's now 24!
But we all know he still holds that allure!
Whether he's acting in a drama
showing off his trauma,
or giving us that famous smile-
We all know he'll be around awhile!
If it's when he's kissing Liv Tyler
or working with Gabriel Bryne,
he has magic that makes us want to learn!
Over the years people age,
but Johnny knows how to keep his footing on stage!
Being friends with all sorts of actors-
or when he's being goofy and being sweet,
Johnny is just one person we all wanna meet!

"I was born on Halloween, which is both good and bad. Scorpios can be pretty selfish."
"My only goal in acting is to be real" -Johnny Whitworth (both quotes)

Once again, Happy 24th Birthday Johnny and many more to come! Plus, Happy Halloween-try not to eat too much candy!

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