Here's a page for all those people who like me believe that Johnny and Liv should be together! Check out my coincidential reasons why. And please take the mini poll at the bottom!

Ok well besides the main reason that I think they should be together-I think they go well with eachother-here's a list of other reasons why they should be together... (some are a little bit too coincidential!)

-At the end of the movie when they are about to kiss, now I'm sorry but they are like totally staring at eachother in a loveydovey way, and I know their characters are supposed to be in love and all, but still! Even one of my friends commented on this, she was like, "wow, come on people stop mesmirizing eachother and gazing into one another's eyes and do the kiss already!" Ok now I know they're good actors and all, but I must say I've seen a ton of their movies and neither one of them has ever looked at the other actor they were supposed to kiss like they looked at eachother in "Empire." I'm sorry but it's true!

-Liv Tyler's ex-boyfriend: Joaquin Phoenix, bares on uncanny resemblance to Johnny. Ok I know ya think I'm nuts but hear me out on this- they both have the same darkish type looks, they both have scars on their upper lips, they both have the lanky-type look, although Johnny's much bigger. Both Scorpios-Johnny born on October 31 and Joaquin on October 28, both sported the "wavy" hair at some point; and the first time that I ever saw Joaquin in a movie: I caught a quick glance at him and I thought he was Johnny!

-While in Empire, Johnny and Liv are always seen hanging out together in a lot of the pictures. Like the behind the scenes candid photos, and other pictures in general. Especially that one of them hugging, hmmm....

-They would be a perfect match together. I mean they're both goofy(in a good way), they have the same taste in music sort of, both funny, would make a very hot, hot couple together, and they would make gorgeous kids!

-They have such great chemistry. You can tell that they click very well, and appear to be good friends with eachother!

-They brought out the best in eachother's acting skills when they worked together. And are in a ton of pictures together (pictures as in pictures, not movies).

-I was watching the last scene in "Empire Records" for the first time in a while (just the end-not the whole movie) and as I looked closely, I noticed that Johnny was breathing so heavily that it looked like he was going into cardiac arrest; and Liv was trembling like crazy! And I even rewound it and watched it again, and it was NOT my eyes playing tricks on me. Did so in slow motion. So what does that tell you huh-they're either the best actors ever or....

-Johnny is a country boy (from Southern states) and Liv is a country girl (grew up on a farm in Maine AND Virgina)! Also they both know what it's like to have half- siblings (being that they both have them) and come from parents who aren't together anymore.

-When Liv went out with Joaquin Phoenix; he used her (well in my opinion he did) and when Johnny went out with Gina Philips she used him to get roles, then when she did, she dumped him. If Johnny and Liv dated eachother they're not like that and wouldn't do it to one another.

-Ever notice if you saw both "Empire" and "Inventing the Abbotts", that Liv had a way about kissing Johnny and Joaquin. She had this thing with those 2, I can't describe it, but like she touched their hair with one arm or whatever. (like she was wrapped up in the kiss) Now this is only big because in her other movies when she had to kiss a guy, she didn't do anything with her arm. See the connection: she had an excuse to do that with Joaquin (he was her real boyfriend at the time) but she had no excuse to do that with Johnny, unless of course she liked him in that way, oh hmm....

-Both of them feared acting for awhile for the exact same reasons-that they feared they weren't learning anything and wanted to do a movie that really inspired them.

-They both have the same type of friends, act like eachother, share the same feeling for issues on things, and like the same music, etc. What more can ya ask for!?

-Both of them always give their all in their relationships and their boyfriends and girlfriends could care less. So if they were together they'd love the other unconditionally.

-Liv once said in an interview how much she likes doing the makeout scenes in her movies. Because they're really cool and give you an excuse to makeout with an actor who you might like and/or admire. She said this quote after and around the time she had to kiss Johnny for "Empire Records!" Coincidence, I think not...

-Although Liv quit smoking (supposedly) in 2002 for her 25th birthday, up till that point, both her and Johnny were big chain smokers.

-In a magazine a few years ago, Liv was asked about Johnny and a few of her other male costars and she said something like; "I feel like I'll know those guys forever, I got along so well with all of them!"

-From all the things and pictures I have seen, they both have the biggest smiles when they're together!

-Both Johnny and Liv are big on their horoscopes and astrological signs, and it just so happens that Scorpios and Cancers are eachother's perfect match!

-Johnny has (or had) a thing for Marilyn Monroe, he even owned boxers of her as a kid! Liv dressed up as Monroe for Halloween 2003. Hello?! Same wavelength here.

-"It's in the eyes!" friend commenting how you can hide your feelings, but that you can always see them in one's eyes. It's obvious in their eyes that there's something there between them!

-They were (and might still be) very good friends. And according to an 100% accurate source, they are they DID date!!!

-According to the majority of those who know or have met them, they're both extraordinary nice people. Plus, they're both actors, so they have the same direction, goal. In my opinion, as a whole, actors are a level higher than musicians-actors and musicians never last. So that is why Liv and her husband (musician Roy) aren't as good together as Liv and Johnny would be.

Here is a quote from Michael Orthner: "I'd love to see Johnny and Liv together...They really did have an incredible chemistry together on-screen (and as I looked at your pictures) off-screen as well!" Thanks Michael for letting me quote you on that!!!

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