Dated Drew Barrymore before Reese
Reese is pregnant with his baby
Acted/Friends with Ethan!!!
Did a lot of small films/roles first
Has done a lot of films for his age
He's astrological sign is Virgo
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June's Feature on....
Ryan Phillipe!

Real name is Matthew Ryan Phillippe
He is now 24 years old, born on September 10, 1974!
He was born in NewCastle, Delaware
He has 3 sisters: Kirsten, Lindsay and Katelyn
He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
He just recently married Reese Witherspoon, his long-time 
girlfriend!Ryan's acting career began with the soap opera, "One 
Life to Live" His character, was daytime television's first gay 
teenager. He struggled with coming out issues and the town's 
anti-gay reactions. He got his big break with "I Know What You 
Did Last Summer" alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt. The, followed by 
"54" brought him to fame and success!

 1. Way of the Gun (2000) 
 2. Cruel Intentions(1999)Sebastian Valmont 
 3. Company Man(1999) 
 4. 54(1998)...Shane O'Shea 
 5. Little Boy Blue(1998)...Jimmy West 
 6. Homegrown(1998)...Harlan 
 7. Playing by Heart(1998)...Keenan 
 8. I Know What You Did Last Summer(1997)...Barry Cox 
 9. Nowhere(1997)...Shad 
10.White Squall(1996)...Gil Martin 
11.Invader(1996)...Private Ryan 
12.Crimson Tide(1995)...Seaman Grattam 
13.Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare(1995 TV)...Tom 
14.Perry Mason: Case of the Grimacing Governor(1994 TV)
15.Secrets of Lake Success(1993 TV)...Stew Atkins 
16.One Life to Live(1992 TV)...Billy Douglas 

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