Actor Look Alikes!!!

Well, if you can't tell this is my page on people who look like these actors! Most bear an uncanny resemblance (since no one can compare to "the 6") but you can see the similarities! This is just for fun, so don't take anything to offense! And if you think that some don't resemble one of the actors, I'm sorry! With that said, ENJOY!

Ethan Look Alikes
This is Rob Thomas, singer from Matchbox20, many people say he looks some like Ethan!

Johnny Look Alikes
This is Jared Leto, some pix of him resemble Johnny!
This is Dermot Mulroney, he looks like an older version of Johnny at times!

Liv Look Alikes
This is Selma Blair, some pix of her resemble Liv!
This is a model in lots of Teen Mags, Stacy Kwiaowski, uncannyish resemblance to Liv!

Renee Look Alikes
This is Devon Odessa, she looks like Renee at times!
This is Joey Lauren Adams, many say she looks like Renee!

Robin Look Alikes
This is Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia, she has a very uncanny resemblance to Robin, but she was the only one I could find!

Rory Look Alikes
This is Stanley Tucci, he looks a tiny bit like Rory!
This is Dave Parsons, bassist from Bush, very uncanny resemblance to Rory!
And lastly, Ethan and Johnny bear an uncanny resemblance to eachother (in my opinion and a few others) mainly from their facial expressions and personalities!

If you know of anyone else who resembles one of the actors or just want to comment, email me here:

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