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March's Feature on...
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson was born on June 11, 1978!
He is now 20 years old! He got his start in
acting from doing commercials with his mother,
Fiona's consent! He then went on to do movies!
He was well-know for the ever unstopable 
"Mighty Ducks" series with Emilio Esteves in
his early career! Now he has become famous
for the teen-drama show "Dawson's Creek" Where
he plays the lovable and trouble-making character,
Pacey! Joshua has 3 pets! A turtle, a cat, and a dog!
He also has a 14-year old sister and two older
step-brothers! He doesn't have a girlfriend right
now, but had a fling with "Dawson" co-star Katie
Holmes! He has many movies out in the future,
enjoy them!

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