May's Feature on... 'NSync

'Nsync is: Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick!
*Justin is 6'1-age 18
*Lance is 5'10-age 20
*JC is 5'11-age 22
*Joey is 6'0-age 22
*Chris is 5'9-age 27

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Justin was twelve when he performed on the 'Mickey Mouse Club' on Disney. He considers his voice his most precious possesion, and can also play the piano. His musical tastes run towards R&b/Hip Hop. His Favorite artists are: Take 6 and Brian McKnight. While Justin is not currently attending High School, he is on a fast track program, and expects to graduate.Chris first became interested in becoming a performer at the age of 11. While attending High School, he was an active member of the Drama department. At Rollins College he studied psychology while performing with the chamber choir, after first attending Valencia College in Orlando. Chris's main interests, besides music, are sports, primarily in-line skating and roller hockey. Joey is a bit of a perfectionist, but also enjoys partying with friends. He was born in Brooklyn New York, but his family now lives in Orlando, Florida.In High School, his favorite classes were Drama and Chorale. While performing with the school troupe, Joey became interested in acting. Lance began his career while in the seventh grade when began singing and dancing on stage. In the eighth he landed a spot on the Mississippi Show Stoppers. He has always had something or other going, also being a member in several other choris groups, before becoming a part of 'N Sync. A native of Washington D.C., J.C. tends to be one of the more serious members of 'N Sync. He does, however, have a lighter side, more fun-loving a carefree, as shown by the fact that he sleeps with a stuffed animal while travelling. :) He has a taste for Chinese food, which he likes to eat whil watching his favorite films, namely, the Star Wars Trilogy.

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