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EMPIRE RECORDS:   Starring--All of them!   Rating: A+
Ok this is one of the best movies for people under 35-40. It 
shows you the lives of a group of young people who work in a 
record store. In this movie they have to fight to save their 
store and their lives. It's an excellent comedy-drama and much 
more advanced then a typical teen flick (which this film is not) 
It makes you think through out a lot of the scenes and makes 
ya realize that there're almost no problems that can't be 
conquered! I suggest if ya haven't seen this movie yet (which 
I'm shocked if ya haven't and you're a fan of one of these 
actors) go out and rent it, it is really a cool movie! I give 
it an A+

THE CRAFT:   Starring--Robin Tunney   Rating: A+
This movie is a suspense. It is about a girl, Sarah (Robin), who 
moves to Los Angeles, and gets taking in by 3 highschool class 
mates who are very in love with black magic. She then joins the 
group and through out the movie discovers it was a very 
bad idea....She has to use all her powers to erase all the 
evil they have caused and the suffering. This movie is a joy 
ride all the way through, and takes you through some of the 
elements of freakiness! I thought the movie was very well done! 
I give it an A

THE RAINMAKER:   Starring--Johnny Whitworth   Rating: A-
This is a sad movie, but really good. It's about a young guy, 
Donny Ray (Johnny), who's dying of Leukimia. He need a transplant
to live and his major insurance company will not give him one. 
This makes his parents sue the company and hire an 
unexperienced lawyer, Rudy (Matt Damon), it makes you sit on 
the edge of your seat the whole time. It is a movie that shows 
good will win over evil, but unfortunately shows it in a very 
sad way. It made me cry like crazy. Other than that though it 
was a cool movie and very well acted! I give it an A-

ARMAGEDDON:   Starring--Liv Tyler   Rating: A-
I usually don't like sci-fi action films, but this movie shocked 
me, and turned out to be really good. Join the adventure where; 
to save the world you are in the hands of red-necked oil drillers, 
who have to learn NASA stuff in a day. Then go up into space and 
try to cut inhalf  an asteroid the size of Texas heading for 
Earth. The fun never stops in this move and is an action 
packed adventure. You must be asking where the hell Liv fits in 
this movie, and I'm gonna tell you go watch and find out for 
yourself. I give it an A-

LOVE AND A 45:   Starring--Renee Zellweger and Rory Cochrane  
Rating: A
This movie is an interesting ride (and I mean that literally)
In the movie we join a happy couple, who are wanted for killing
two cops in self-defense. It all started with Wiley and his 
friend Billy Mack (Rory) holding up a convience store, and Billy 
Mack being the stoned guy he was, shot and killed the clerk. 
Who turned out to be the sheriff's daughter. So Billy 
starts flipping out over this and goes nuts and on a druggie 
spree and also wants to kill Wiley, afraid that he'll turn him 
in. This makes Wiley and his girlfriend, Starlene (Renee), go on 
the run to Mexico. Will this wild couple escape Billy and the 
cops? Go rent the movie! It was an intriguing film! I give it an A

EVOLVER:   Starring--Ethan Embry   Rating: A
This movie is about a guy, Kyle who loves robots (Ethan), So when 
he wins a contest and is offered to product test a new robot that
is capable of talking and doing things with people, he of course
says yes! Unfortunately, something is very wrong with the robot
by the way it was made (it was 1st used in the army) and the 
robot turns into a vicious killer when ever it pleases him.
So Kyle now has to figure out a way to destroy this 
indistructable robot before it kills him and everyone he loves!
This movie was a cool suspense thriller! I give it an A

JULIAN PO:   Starring--Robin Tunney   Rating: C
When a man (Christian Slater) comes to a small town to commit
suicide; something happens that he least expected: he falls in
love with a girl from the town (Robin) After multiple failures
of him trying to kill himself he eventually decides to screw it.
When the towns people first discover what he's up to, they follow
him constantly trying to prevent him, this making him give up. The
end of this movie is shocking and was quite sad for me because the
shocking thing involved Robin. The movie is ok after you get used
to all the boredom and you stop yawning, but Robin was great in it!
I give it a C

STEALING BEAUTY:   Starring--Liv Tyler   Rating D+
I originally gave this an F, but I saw it again recently and it 
wasn't as bad as I remembered. When Lucy (Liv) goes to Italy to 
vist her dead mother's friends, she goes with a mission to find 
her real father and to loose her virginity to the guy she first 
kissed there a few years ago. During the movie she uncovers 
secrets that she thought she would of never knew. She also 
doesn't end up loosing her virginity to that guy because he's a 
jerk, but to this other guy (oh man was he ugly and scrawny, 
sorry) she met. It was a disgrace to Italians (specially Liv 
being one, not to mention me) but if you give it a 2nd chance 
it's quite humorous actually. Liv was worth the watch, as her 
acting was captivating. I give it a D+

ONE TRUE THING:   Starring--Renee Zellweger   Rating A
In this movie Ellen (Renee) is a workaholic who just got her life
set and finally was making a mark in her career. Then she was 
told by her father (William Hurt) that she had to come back home
because her mother (Meryl Streep) had Cancer and was going to die
soon! This turns Ellen's life all around. Not only does she have to
leave her job and asshole boyfriend, but she has to nurse a mother
that she hasn't been close to in years! By the end Ellen realizes
how much she loves and missed her mom. This movie was very 
interesting and very well acted! I dug it! It gets an A

DANCER, TEXAS POP 81:   Starring--Ethan Embry   Rating B-
This movie was ok if you like cute family films. It's basically
about four guys who live in the small town of Dancer, Texas
where the population is 81 people! After they graduate they
made a solemn vow to all move to Los Angeles together. Along
the way some drop out of the vow, some come back, and others
stay, etc. It's basically a coming of age film, and most of the 
humor in it comes from Squirrel (Ethan) The storyline is really 
thin and not all there, but it's a cute movie-if you're that type 
of person! But you will notice that it has a few up and coming 
young actors in it! I give it a B-

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