Top 10 of What 2003 Means {to me}...

10. Ben Affleck and Lopez marry and DIVORCE, haha!

9. Five million people will vow to lose weight or quit smoking [the question is, will I be one of them ;) ]

8. Do I really want a boyfriend this year? Hmm, tough decision; I'll wing it.

7. Wow, take out the zeros and you get 23! Wow, whatiya know!

6. Muslims Attack! Akeemahdujabada...Lets nuke em first!

5. 2002 is over, thank God!

4. One more year older, ::lovely:: ahem.

3. It means Alicia doesn't give a shit about anything, but what will help me succeed!

2. 2003 = absolutely nothing!


1. "Empire Records" SPECIAL EDITION (& actors' comeback): need I say more! :)