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Hey wanna found out what's up with the coolest 6 actors around, well of course ya do! So here's my updated-whenever-I-get-more info-page, where you can find out and gossip about the latest thing that's happening in Ethan's, Johnny's, Liv's, Renee's, Robin's, Rory's, or even the Empire's life! (I suggest you read all of the news if ya didn't read it before)

5/17/03: Summer's here (well, for my college-self anyway)! So hopefully that means I will have more time for the site. It's been awhile, so lets catch you up. The major news is the "Empire Records" Remix! Special Fan Editon DVD. The one that I told you about first- way before they even released the news ;) It's coming out to North America on June 3rd. It will have 16 minutes of footage added into the film, 4 other deleted scenes, 3 music videos, trailors, cast & crew bio's, etc. It's gonna rock. So please go buy yourself a much-anticipated copy and impress Warner Bros. 2.5 weeks and counting! In other news, on March 25, Liv married her boyfriend of 4 years, Royston Langdon; of the old band Spacehog. I have no comment on this ;) ..Moving on, Renee is now staring in "Down With Love" that opened in theaters this Friday, and Robin will be in "The In-Laws" opening on May 23. Good films, please go out to see & support them because box office is gonna be tough w/"The Matrix." Johnny will be making his full-throttle (not counting "Empire") onscreen singing debut for MTV's remake of the classic novel, "Wuthering Heights." He will star as Hendrix, the love-torn Cate's (played by Erika Christenson) older brother. Filming starts this month and MTV plans to have it out by late Summer/early Fall '03! And lastly, Robin & Rory's long awaited project-"A Whale in Montana" (reported months ago) is finally set to start filming on May 19th! Oh and Ethan finally has a show that will last more than a season! "Dragnet" has been renewed for Fall of next year!

11/1/02: Wow, it's been awhile! Very sorry guys! Anyway, in the most recent news; an "Empire Records" special edition DVD is being made right now and is due out in January '03. It is said to have 30 additional minutes of footage, deleted scenes, outtakes, and some music thing!!! Look out for it, it will be awesome! In actor news, Ethan is now divorced from Amelinda and engaged to actress Katherine Towne (claims a magazine source). Also Rory is now staring on the hit weekly show "CSI: Miami" on Mondays, 10pm Eastern on CBS. Come January, Ethan will be staring in "Dragnet" which will air Mondays at 9pm on ABC. Back to back! :) Lastly, for what I can think of is just a bunch of new movies due out soon from all of them. Renee's "White Oleander" and Ethan's "Sweet Home Alabama" (still in the top 5) is currently out, and come November 27, hit the theater to see Ethan star in "They!" That's all for now. I'm sure more good news will follow! ...Maybe I'll actually have it on time now ;)

1/1/01: Happy New Year! And what better way to ring it in then with cool news!? Well on January 21, Renee is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy (for "Nurse Betty"), so lets keep our fingers crossed. Also in Renee news, if you haven't heard, Renee and Jim Carrey have broken up! As of a few weeks ago they're no longer a couple, no reason has been said to why (but I think it's cause Renee didn't wanna marry..shhh don't tell :) And what better way to honor their breakup then to rent "Me, Myself, and Irene" when it comes out on January 9th. Big news, "Empire Records" is reported to be going to DVD finally (after 5 yrs) on April 3! Yah. Special Features so far include: Trailors, Film Highlights, and Subtitles (lets all hope for cut scenes). Remember the Johnny film, "Jesus Freaks" that was due in '98 and never came? Well, I believe it's going to be released this year and it also stars Molly Parker and Guiliermo Diaz. And Johnny's new film "Valentine" comes to theaters everywhere on February 2. Rory's "Prime Gig" comes to limited release on February 23. Robin's film "Vertical Limit" was #2 at the box office for 2 weeks, now it's like #7. And Robin was also on talk shows "The View" and "Rosie O'Donnel" 2 weeks ago. Lastly, in Ethan news: "FreakyLinks" is coming back to TV this Friday (January 5)! And will gueststar his wife, Amelinda. Also, his film "Rennie's Landing" is supposedly going to the Sundance Film Festival. Which will be from January 18-28. Lotta news!!!

10/19/00: Sorry for not updating. News is...Renee's "Nurse Betty" came out September 8, it was #3 (I believe) at the box office for a few weeks. Ethan's new show "FreakyLinks" debuted on October 6, it's a real cool show, but it doesn't seem to be doing so well. So, unless things brighten, it'll probably only last a few more weeks. Liv's new film, "Dr. T and the Women" opened on October 13. Liv plays an, achum...lesbian in it. So it's rather "interesting." Johnny's in a new movie entitled, "AKA Birdseye" coming next year, and his "Shadow Hours" came out on video on Tuesday. Oh, and Ethan is supposedly going to be a guest on VH1's "The List" on October 24 at 7pm Eastern.

8/23/00: Rory's movie "Sunset Strip" that's limited release run was due out on August 18, unknowingly came out the 11th instead. So if you're in the NY/LA area, try to go find it! And Renee's movie, "Nurse Betty" is due out on September 8th.

8/1/00: Good news for the start of August. Ethan will be definitely doing a film about 4 college friends called, "Rennie's Landing." He will once again work with his friend, Peter Facinelli, for the 3rd time! Previously seen in "Can't Harly Wait" and "Dancer Texas..." Looks very cool. And Johnny will costar for the first time in an upcoming horror film. It's called "Valentine" and is due out no other than this Valentine's Day. It's about 4 girls who get morbid Valentine's cards and then get killed. It's getting a lot of hype-so really good for Johnny!

7/14/00: Renee is now in London filming "Bridget Jones' Diary." Also her film "Me, Myself, and Irene" was #1 at the box office for 2 weeks, before "The Perfect Storm" or something took over. This is a 1st for one of these actors! Famous director Martin Scorsese wants Liv to portray late 1940's model Bettie Page in a new biographical film coming. Based on the novel "Bettie Page: Life of a Pinup Legend" by Karen Essex. They're in negotiations now for it. Ethan's FOX show, (staring him) coming in Fall previously called "Fearsum" has changed names to "FreakyLinks." Today, 7/14, Johnny's new film "Shadow Hours" hits theaters in NY, LA, and Dallas. He has just a cameo in it, but is one of the most famous in the film. Lastly, Rory's film, "Sunset Strip" originally due out in late '98 is coming to theaters in the NY/LA areas on August 18.

5/22/00: Renee ws at the independent Cannes Film Festival in France all this week promoting her new film, "Nurse Betty." She was up for Best Actress, but lost to new-comer Lena Endre. Oh well. The movie is reportedly due out July 14th. Ethan is due to star in a new show in Fall on Fox, called "Fearsum." It's supposed to be like a spoof of the "Blair Witch Project" or whatnot. Hopefully it will do better than "Work With Me," we'll wait and see. Also go get the new issue of Entertainment Weekly-a tribute to 10 years. Stuff on Renee, Robin, and Rory is in it. Some of their movies are named for best something of the '90's. It's real cool! Lastly, it's possible that Johnny is in Ethan's unknown film, "Taken" but I'm not certain!

5/1/00: Robin is due to be in a new movie with her "The Craft" costar, Neve Cambell and also Nick Nolte, called "Investigating Sex." It's a small indie due in 2001. It's about male scientists who study sex. Robin plays a stenograher. Renee is now perfecting her British accent to go play "Bridget Jones" for her new film. And the Summer releases are in: on May 26-Rory's "Sunset Strip" is due to come out, June 23-Renee's "Me, Myself, and Irene" coming out, and July 14-both Renee's "Nurse Betty," and Johnny's "Shadow Hours" are due out!

4/9/00: Renee and Robin were at the Showest Festival on March 6-9. They were also both at the Independent Spirit Awards at the end of March. Renee was there to present and Robin was just there. Renee is set to star in a new movie based on a novel, playing Bridget Jones. She will require a British accent for this role. Both Liv and Renee turned down roles in the new "Titanic sized" movie, "Pearl Harbor" with Ben Affleck and Cuba Gooding Jr. On Tuesday, April 11th, Ethan will be on the MTV show "Loveline" giving advice on sex, lol. Rory's movies "Dogtown" and "...Sebastian Cole" are now out on video and also Liv's "Plunkett and Macleane" is out. Look for Johnny's SundanceFF movie, "Shadow Hours" to be released soon, since they're releasing all the Sundance films that were bought now. In May, Rory's "Sunset Strip" is due out. And lastly, Robin's "End of Days," Renee's "The Bachelor," and Rory's "Flawless" are coming to video on April 18th I believe.

2/1/99: Johnny's new film "Shadow Hours" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22nd. Also Gina Philips, Johnny's girlfriend of over 3 years, recently broke up with him. She quoted: "I'd rather be watching a movie at home with friends or eating pizza then out with someone I don't like." Well, for not liking Johnny, Gina, you sure stuck with him long! (Bitch!)

1/26/99: Renee was at the Golden Globe Awards last night. She presented best Foreign film award with Alec Baldwin. And also she went to supported fellow costar ("Me, Myself, and Irene") and new boyfriend, Jim Carrey.

1/2/00: Hey Happy New Year! I guess we survived! Well with a new year, that means only one thing: New News! First off, on December 10th, Ethan's wife gave birth to their first son. They named him Cogian, it's a Latin name meaning "to consider." Johnny's movie "Hell's Kitchen" is now not only on limited release in theaters in New York, but it's also now on video! Also in Johnny news, he's in a new movie with Rebecca Gayheart again (his costar from "Somebody Is Waiting"), called "Shadow Hours" about an Armani-clad Satan! And lastly Robin's film "Supernova" is finally going out to all theaters across the States January 14th! Enjoy!

11/23/99: Ethan celebrated his one year anniversary with his wife, Amelinda Smith on November 14th! They also have a baby on the way in December! This month and December: Rory, Robin, Johnny, and Liv have new movies out. Rory's are the 24th, "Flawless" and December 3rd, "Suncet Strip" Robin's "End of Days" is out the 24th also. Johnny's film "Hell's Kitchen" is finally being released after 3 years on December 3rd too! And Liv's "Onegin" is out on December 31. Enjoy!

10/31/99: Ethan's CBS weekly show "Work With Me" has unfortunately been canceled after 4 episodes, due to not enough viewers! In other news; November is gonna be a big month for these actors-well atleast for Rory, Renee, and Robin. They all have a new movie coming out this month-and Rory has 2! Also Johnny turned 24 today!

9/18/99: Renee presented the International Award at the MTV Video Awards on 9/9/99. She came on stage in a very "interesting" looking outfit, very unlike her, that I'm sure the males loved. Also on a popular Modern Rock station by me in Jersey, on their promo for the station Rory is featured on it. It's his quote from Empire Records: "Well Damn the Man" While he's saying it a Collective Soul song is playing in the backround! It's really cool and it also proves that Empire IS a popular, known movie!

8/31/99: I was told that Empire is due to come out on DVD in November and that they're working on it now! An un-cut version is supposed to be released! Also some of the actors new fall movies-Renee, Liv, Robin, and Rory-are starting to be talked about now in magazines and all! So look out!

8/6/99: Ok Rory's new indie movie, "The Adventures of Sebastian Cole" that I thought came out a year ago actually hit select theaters today! If you live in or around New York or the Los Angeles area, go check it out! I also found out that Liv's new indie "Plunket and MaCleane" will not open in select theaters until October, I thought it was today, but I was mistaken! Also, Johnny just signed on to a new indie project! I'm not sure what it is, since the article confused me, but he'll be in it! When I know more I'll write it!

6/13/99: On CBS, starting this Fall, Ethan will be in a new show called "Work With Me" He co-stars in it! The shows about this lawyer's firm with a married couple running it! Ethan plays Sebastian, their assistant trying to keep the affair he's having with the other assistant a secret! It sounds cool! Also Johnny's in another unknow indie flick called "Me and Will" he plays Fred. It proves he hasn't disappeared!

4/7/99: Liv has a new boyfriend (augh) it is Royston Langdon of the British Rock group 'SpaceHog' he is the singer/bassist of the group! Whoopee, ah! Ok also her new indie movie 'Cookie's Fortune' is in limited release in theatres now, so if you are lucky to be by a theater that plays it go check it out!

3/22/99: Ok as you well know last night was the Oscars! And guess who shockingly was there, Liv and Renee! Liv was there to present Aerosmith singing and Renee presented some group from the 'Horse Whisperer' soundtrack! Both looked nervous and honored to be there, but kept their cool! They both got screwd and were not nominated for anything, just there to present! I'll have pix up as soon as I can!

3/13/99: It has been said that if they make a sequel to 'The Craft' Robin will definitely be in it! Although it has not been confirmed as of yet if a sequel will be made, I'll keep you posted though!

3/10/99: Johnny's new movie "Somebody Is Waiting" finally hit video stores yesterday! After almost 2 years of his fans looking for it! It is his first starring role, and I have seen it already, and I must; say even if you're not a fan of Johnny, you'll still admit that his acting was awesome in this dramatic film! He was even in this movie MORE than he was in "Empire Records!" So fans should enjoy!

3/5/99: Johnny and Ethan are both mentioned in a Matt Damon book! It was a thing on how "hollywood" is all connected and said how Matt was in 'The Rainmaker' with Johnny who was in 'Empire Records' with Ethan! This news isn't relevant really, but I just found it funny that the 2 were even mentioned since they're basically unknowns!

2/11/99: OK for everyone out there who is a fan of Empire Records, if you want it back in theaters, I have a way for you to do it, just email me! And I want to clear up a rumor about Johnny; no he is NOT dead, I dunno who made this up, but he is perfectly fine, thanks to everyone for their concern though!

1/31/99: I just found out that Liv and Rory are in a new unknown movie together! The film is called '15 Minutes' and is directed by Allan Moyle (the director from Empire) Almost no one knows about this, so spread the good news!!!

1/27/99: At the Sundance Film Festival a week or two ago Liv was there to promote her new movie "Cookie's Fortune" yes it is ANOTHER independent film! The film premiered there and should hit theaters in it's select (very select) cities in a few months!

12/28/98: Ok I was at an Aerosmith concert in Jersey yesterday; and I was on the look out for Liv. So it came to the middle of the concert: and I was like screw it-Liv ain't here-then this chubbish girl came on the stage, but I couldn't get a good look at her face. So I figured it was Liv's sis, Mia. Which it was; and it turns out that it was her 20th b-day and Steve was gonna have the audience sing to her. So he's intruducing her when I saw another girl on the stage. So I grabbed the binoculars from a friend and saw that it was a tall, short haired brunette in black. I was like shit, it must be her. Then the girl turned my way at the exact same moment Steven said 'and this is my other daughter Liv' My friend and I started screaming at the top of our lungs at the start of everyone singin to Mia. I tried to take the best pix of Liv that I could, but I dunno if they'll come out. Ok well to end this long story short: the news is that Liv was at an Aerosmith concert in Jersey yesterday and there was this guy by her who I think was supposed to be like a guard while she was in the audience (although I don't think many people new who she was). Well if ya want more stuff on this story, just email me!

12/16/98: Ethan made the top 40 hottest young guys in an issue of Celebrity magazine! He came in 6th place! Yeah you go boy! The #1 was David Boreanoz of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

12/7/98: I just found out that Ethan, Liv, Renee, and Robin made Hollywood Online's List for the Top 100 Young Actors!!! Yeah Congrats! Also Johnny had to dye his hair blonde for "Hell's Kitchen!" Rory is good friends with Matt Damon and his group! Robin has her 1st nude scene in her new movie coming out, "Supernova!" And 1999 will be the year for new movies with these actors! Yeah let's party like it's 1999 baby!!!

11/23/98: I have got some info finally on Johnny's new movie: "Hell's Kitchen" His name in the movie is Patty or something and his girlfriend wants him to kill this guy who she thinks killed her ex-boyfriend. Johnny plays a really freaky druggie dude trying to kill someone, so I think the movie will be just a tad bit dark! Also I know a few of the actors are coming out with new movies too, but right now I don't have any info on them, sorry!

11/6/98: Well I forgot to say this the other day so I'll say it now: it has finally now been officially reported that Liv and her 2 year boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix have broken up! Yeah!! Ooops sorry! As of yet I don't know why they broke up, but I don't care aslong as not together anymore, but if I find out why I'll tell ya! The two are said to be remaining friends though!

11/3/98: Ok Rory's new movie with DeNiro is supposedly called 'Flawless,' atleast for now it is! Ok this is late news, but since I didn't have this site then I'll say it now: Johnny Whitworth was reportedly at the premiere of the movie 'Dancer, Texas Pop 81' to support his friend and fellow actor; Ethan Embry, who was in the indie film. Their was only a small amount of guests at the premiere and all had to be invited by an actor of or someone connected to the movie! Also about two weeks ago, Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger were both reported attendies of the new movie 'Ronin' Also fellow Empire actor, Anthony LaPaglia was there! The premiere was in Cali, but I dunno as of yet if Liv and Renee saw eachother!

10/27/98: Hey ok I got some inside scoop on Rory Cochrane! As you may know; there are rumors going around that he's been married to some girl named Rebecca Columbus since 1994! Well get this: he ain't married and has never even heard of this Rebecca person! In fact he is as single as can be and was even on a date the other night. So he is definitely NOT married ok! Also he is supposed to be working on a new film with Robert DeNiro, it's a Joel Shumacher film, I don't know as of yet what it's called, but when I do I'll tell ya!

If you have any questions, comments, info, or updates, on the actors or even Empire; please feel free to ask or tell me at: I will try to answer you as best as possible and if you give me info I'll be sure to give ya the proper credit!

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