Take the quiz. It's all about Ethan, Johnny, Liv, Renee, Robin, and Rory! Be the 1st to answer all the questions correctly and you will win an exclusive, yours only, PRIZE! If you don't know a question, just take a guess, you won't loose anything. Hurry up and take it now if you want that prize! Good luck!!!

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1. Which actorS did Rosanna Arquette work with?

2. Which indie director did Renee date?

3. Put the 6 actors in order from tallest to shortest:

4. Who is Gina Philips to these actors?

5. What was Rory's first movie?

6. Who is Ethan married to?

7. Which group is Liv's bf, Roy Langston, from?

8. Name 2 costars Robin has worked with twice:

9. Who has worked with both acting Voights?

10. When was "Empire Records" filmed (months & year)?

11. Where did Rory live during his childhood?

12. Which actorS were/are in a rock band?

13. Liv played a virgin how many times?

14. Who is part Norwegian?

15. Which actor was Satan after in their movie?

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