This is a page on all the rare, second hand, and a lot of the time unseen things on these actors that I own. Some of these things I can sell you (cheap of course.) So if you've been looking for something on them, I'll 80% of the time have it, or if you just want something on this list, please email me. You won't be sorry with whatever it is!


** I have almost every one of their films that have come out so far. And I keep getting more and more. (Even the hard to find and unknown ones. From "Me and Will" to "Plunkett and Macleane" and "Evolver" etc...)

** Various magazine interviews/articles.

** A "Dazed and Confused" book from 1993 when the film first came out. It's like a yearbook/journal of the characters. Even Renee is in the yearbook pictures. Really cool.

** 2 different drafts of the script to "Empire Records." A must for every fan.

** A book on "Can't Hardly Wait" transcribed from the film.

** A trailor of "Somebody Is Waiting," "Vertical Limit," and slightly "Empire Records."

** A VHS tape made by me of various movie scenes/clips with them. It's about 3 hours long. It has scenes from their most famous to their most unknown films. From "Evolver" to "Armageddon" to "Hell's Kitchen" and "The Craft" even "Empire Records." Plus almost 50 more! A must!

** A cassette audio tape from mid-1995 with Ethan and Renee being interviewed at a Denver radio station. Promoting "Empire Records." It's a real good interview, perfect for devoted fans. Very obscure.

** An extra soundtrack to their film, "Empire" featuring some of the songs not on the original one. It has "Seems" and "If You Want Blood" on it, plus many more.

** The Gin Blossoms video of "Till I Hear it From You" with ALL 6 of them in it. It's virtually impossible to get, nonetheless see this video anymore, since the band has been broken up awhile.

** Various VHS tapings of them from small film roles, to interviews, to behind the scenes (i.e: Johnny doing acting exercises behind scenes w/the cast of "The Rainmaker"), etc. All real cool.

** A Pantene shampoo commercial from 1995/96 with Liv.

** The 2 "Party of Five" episodes from 1994 that Johnny was in. Good shows.

** Tapings of Ethan being interviewd on MTV's "Loveline," a guest appearance on the show "Get Real," and all 4 of his cancelled "Work With Me" episodes.

** A few of the soundtracks from their movies.

** A 5 mintue VHS thing with some girl discussing the filming of "Empire Records." Talks about the set and all.

** I'll be getting the 1991 issue of YM with Johnny as winning the 1st Young and Modern Man contest. And a British Renee magazine w/a revealing interview. Both over 6 pages on them. Also, I'm trying to obtain an issue of Sassy magazine from 1996 with Ethan and Johnny.

I have sooo many other things that I just can't think of right now. When they come to mind I'll add them to this page. If you would like one of these things above, email me and I'll see what I can do.

Mail me here if you want something, or if you want to ask me if I have something, I'll most likely have it or will be getting

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