Re-release and Save the Empire!!!

OK this page is for all those people out there who want to see Empire Records Un-cut in theatres! That's with the other day and the 3 missing charcters, plus all the rated "R" crap!!! Empire flopped it's first time in theaters, but that was only because of it's short distribution (in a few theatres for only like 3 weeks) and no advertisments! So of course it bombed! But, when it hit videos it got "hit" status on top 10 lists and all, and managed to accumlate Millions of fans who wanna see it in theaters!!! As of now things are looking both good and bad for the Empire. Some of the people who were involved in the movie are trying to help me get it back, but unfortunately; Regency Productions is not to keen on the idea! BUT they said it's not impossible!!! So if you wanna join me and as of now the other over 500 people on my petiton list help save the Empire, or you just want more info, please email me!!! My address is below!

P.S. I have personal reasons of why I want Empire back in theaters, but I'm sure all you people out there are die hard fans and are desperate to see it on the big screen!

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