^ Rumors on these people!? Can this be true? Nah! ^

False Ones!

It has been rumored that Liv was the reason Bruce Willis and Demi Moore split! This was untirely untrue and unfair! The rumor started when Willis took the cast of "Armageddon" out on his plane and the damn fake gossip tabloids said he just took Liv on a 'get away!' It was just a stab at poor, inncocent Liv! And when the sleezy magazines got caught for their lying and faced a lawsuit, they soon apologized and admitted that it was false!

It has been rumored that Johnny is dead! This is very untrue! He is absolutely fine! Just because the guy quit acting for a year and disappeared from the biz does NOT mean you can go making false statements about his welfair! Also he's back in acting now and since news of him has been quiet for a few months, the rumors started again! Well he's fine, and he's certainly alive! I guess this is some of the price you pay for being slightly unknown!

It has been rumored that Robin, since she played so many parts in her movies like this, is a suicidal freak like her roles! Now this is harsh! It is not true! And she is completely opposite from most of her roles, and that is why she takes them! She thinks playing something unlike her is more of a challenge! And she is no where near suicidal thank you very much!

It has been rumored that Rory is married to some girl named, Rebecca Columbus! This is really not true! He's never been married and hasn't even heard of this girl! He is a single guy, right now of course! It's also been said that he went out with some certain fellow actresses, one being Liv, and this isn't true either. He is just friends with some of those rumored people!

It has been rumored that Ethan is gay! This is sooo not true! He is married and has a baby son! He is no where near gay and I haven't a clue where the hell this rumor came from! (It's also been said Johnny's gay too, this is not true either!) He wouldn't even look at another guy like that! So please quit it with the false accusations!

It has been rumored that Renee is getting married/engaged to "Me, Myself, and Irene" costar, Jim Carrey. This is defintiely not true, but however the two ARE dating. But no talk of marriage is in the near future!

More false rumors to come soon, along with some true rumors, so please come and look at this page again!

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