Info that you probably never heard in your life!!!

1994 by Carol Heikkinen
Script Page 2: Contains some scenes from the third draft of Empire!

Here's scans that I took of pages of the script, enjoy!
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This unseen script has been infoed times since 1/12/99

Info on the Version you NEVER Got to See!

This page contains info on the fifth draft to Empire Records! I have info on it because I have it. There were lots of drafts to Empire that I know of. Most that aren't anything like the movie. The last and final draft of course was what we saw in the movie, only with the cut stuff in it. Well here's some info on the fifth draft to Empire, you probably never heard it. Also if anyone knows where I would be able to find the final draft to Empire Records (not straight from the movie, but with the cut scenes), please let me know, thanks!

OK in the original script that I read it is very different from the movie. Actually in a way it's slightly better because it is way more detailed than the movie was. No one can call this script plotless. OK in this version they did have another day, but all it was was the night before and they just showed AJ, Corey, Gina, and Mark, hangin in their houses and stuff (The cut characters: like Lilly, were not in it). Most of the scenes from the movie are not in this script. The main plot line in this story was focusing more towards the AJ and Corey thing and how Lucas screwd up the money, but it's a lot cooler than the movie was. And Lucas is not the only one who has the cool lines. Every character had an equal amount of good lines. (And a lot of the key phrases in the movie aren't in the script, instead they're replaced with funnier ones!) A lot of things are different in the fifth script, for instance Rex is Rex Diamond not Rex Manning. And all the characters are featured a lot more! It also gives you a thorough explanation run of most of the main characters, like you actually know more about their life than just that one day in the movie. Oh, by the way, if they made the movie with this script it would definitely be rated R. Yes, there was nudity. Plus it just was a much more adult type of film. I would not recommend it to anyway under the age of 12. Well all and all I thought it was much better in some ways and a lot more detailed!!! If you have any specific questions about the script feel free to email me and ask me them, and I'll be glad to give ya the best answer that I can!

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