Some cool scenes from the unseen Script!!!

Some of my fave scenes or sayings in the third script draft
of Empire!:

  COREY: "Check it out, I found all my old Rex Diamond LP's.
If you throw them out of the car, you're dead!"
  GINA: "Geez, would you look at this? Say no More, Mon Amour.
A whole song about telling a woman to shut up and f*ck! Bye
 She hurls the the LP outa the car
  COREY: "Gina!!!"

 Corey hugs AJ He holds on to her, maybe alittle too long.
 Smells her hair
  GINA: "Hey AJ, you gettin a boner?"
 AJ breaks away from Corey, self concious, but hiding it
  AJ: "Gina, you should wash your mouth out with soap!"
  GINA: "I've had a lot of things in my mouth AJ, but soap
hasn't been one of them!"

  COREY: "So Art school, talk to me."
  AJ: "I have decided definitely not to make a definite
  COREY: "Well, as long as the definite decision is undecided,
than it isn't definite, so it's still undecided?"
  AJ: "Undecidedly, undecided!"

  MARK: "Gina, where's Corey, her dad just dropped off this 
letter. I think it's from an institution of higher learning!"
 Corey's head pops up between the isles
  COREY: "Mark, don't move!"
 Gina leans over the counter reaching for the letter
  GINA: "Mark, give me that!"
  MARK: "I can't. I'm not supposed to move."
 Gina grabs the letter from Mark, just as Corey reaches the 
  COREY: "Gina! Cough it up!"
  GINA: "I think...Not!"
 Gina playfully tosses the letter to AJ He holds it out of
 Corey's reach. Gina and AJ habd the letter off to eachother,
 so Corey can't get it. Suddenly Gina screams-
  GINA: "The suspense is killing me!"
 Gina opens the letter. Everyone waits, Gina's mouth drops
  AJ: "Did she get in?"
  GINA: "To NYU: Pre-Med, on a full scholarship!"
 AJ looks shocked. Reality is setting in, Corey is really
 leaving! Gina gingerly now hands the now crumpled letter
 to Corey over the counter. She wants to be happy about this,
 she really does, but the air is a bit laden.
  GINA: "Congratulations Corey."
 Corey looks at AJ, he's not sure how to respond. Suddenly
 Gina gets a rush of adrenaline.
  GINA: "For God's sakes, this is better than Not swallowing!
(on PA) Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcment, one of
our most valued employees is going off to NYC to study medicine!
She's outa here!"
 The few customers in the store applaud. AJ leaves the counter
 and goes over to Corey. He stands there awkwardly. She's a bit
 in shock, she stares at the letter.
  COREY: (joking) "My father just dropped it off, didn't even
come in, I guess he had to tee off early today. He's a very 
pious man when it comes to golf.
  AJ: "He knew you were in, we all knew you were in."
  COREY: "It's pretty pedestrian when everyone knows how random
you are. So maybe you'll got to art school too, huh?
  AJ: "I dunno. I'll leave the brilliance up to you, it suits
you. I'm kind of a meat and potatoes mediocrity kinda guy."
 A Mariah Carey custumer taps AJ on the shoulder
  CUSTOMER: "Excuse me? Will you help me?"
  AJ: "Don't you know that God only helps those who helps
themselves? Alright, come one."
 AJ kisses Corey on the cheek and walks away with the customer.
 Corey smiles, AJ makes her better!

(More scenes comin soon)

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