Here you will find out how much you know about these actors and stuff. I'll have a list of questions: you answer them, then scroll down to see if you're right, no cheating! At the bottom I will tell ya how big a fan you are due to how many ya got right!!

	QUESTIONS: (hint: some answers can be found on some of my pages!)

 1) Who is the oldest out of Ethan, Johnny, Liv, Renee, Robin, and Rory?
 2) Who is the youngest?
 3) How many movies has Johnny made?
 4) Who lived in Maine for awhile?
 5) Which two acted in many movies together?
 6) Where was Empire Records made (location)?
 7) Who comes from Illinois?
 8) Who goes out with a farely unknow actress named Heather?
 9) Who's last name is technically Tallorico but one of his/her 
family members changed their last name?
10) Who comes from Texas?
11) Who went to Catholic School?
12) Which two were/are in a rock band?
13) Who played a long-haired druggie in a movie that took place in 
the '70's'?
14) Who acted with Tom Cruise in a movie?
15) Who acted in the movie Montana?
16) What year was Empire Records made?
17) Who changed their last name in honor of their grandfather?
18) Who made the most movies?
19) Who is married?
20) Who's astrological sign is a Cancer?
21) Who was born on a national holiday? (hint: a holiday in October)
22) Which three are the closest in age at 21, 22, and 23?
23) Who says their religion is Episcopolan/lazy Catholic?
24) Who lived in England for a few years?
25) Which movie did Robin have her first staring role, not costaring?
Bonus) What stuff was cut out of Empire Records?

 1) Renee is the oldest at 30
 2) Ethan is the youngest at 21
 3) Johnny has made 10 movies so far even though he quit acting for awhile
 4) Liv lived in Maine since she was a kid up till she was a teen
 5) Renee and Rory have acted in lots of movies together
 6) Empire was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina
 7) Robin grew up in Illinois
 8) Ethan is dated actress Heather Porcaro
 9) Liv's real last name would be Tallorico if her father Steven didn't change it to Tyler
10) Johnny and Renee both lived in Texas (was a trick question)
11) Robin went to a Catholic Highschool
12) Ethan and Johnny were both in rock groups
13) Rory played druggie, Slater in Dazed and Confused
14) Renee acted with Tom in Jerry Maguire
15) Robin and Ethan both acted in Montana (trick question)
16) 1995 was when Empire Records was made
17) Ethan changed his last name from Randall to Embry in 1996
18) Renee has made the most movies with 20
19) Robin is married to Bob Gosse
20) Liv is a Cancer born on July 1st
21) Johnny was born on Halloween
22) Ethan, Liv, and Johnny are the closest in age at 21, 22, and 23
23) Renee is Episcopolan/Catholic
24) Rory lived in England for a couple years
25) Robin stared in The Craft as her first non-costar role
Bonus) 3 characters were cut from Empire, plus another day was supposedly 
cut; also drug use, lots of bad language, and other dirty things were cut
to get a 'PG-13' rating, all in all I say atleat 30 minutes were cut from the
movie, probably more!

How big a fan are you? Lets see how good ya did! Good Luck!

Ok there were 25 questions in all, plus a bonus question, so lets see how
you rank!!!......

0-3 CORRECT:3 points: ok I don't doubt ya love these people, but ya gotta study
up on them some more! I suggest go rent lots of their movies and watch em
till your eyes turn to pulp...j/k but still! 

4-7 CORRECT:6 points: you know them so/so, but ya can use some more info. Look up
some more sites on them on the net besides mine and get a reading!

8-15 CORRECT:10 points: you're ok at knowing them, on the boarder line about. Go 
to your local video store and rent a movie with one of them in it and expand
your Empire actor's horizons!

16-20 CORRECT:15 points: your pretty good, but not quite there yet, just look
up a few more things on them!

21-25 CORRECT: 25 points: wow, you're awesome, you totally know these people
and their movies! Congrats! But remember you can never have enough info on

	If ya got the Bonus right, add 7 points to your score!
Hope ya all did well, but you're all great cause ya love these actors!

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