Their Upcoming Films!

Here's all the info you need to know about their upcoming films! Whether they just came out, or aren't due out for 3 years. You'll find out about the movies, when I find out!

"The Independent"-Comedy
The film is about a porno director. No it's nothing like that you perverts! And it's basically a collection of short films that this "director," Jerry Stiller made. So in each story, there's a different set of actors. Big ensemble cast. It stars Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick, and a bunch of others. I don't think Ethan will have to big of a role. Maybe 20 minutes. That's really all I know on this. That, and it went to the South by Southwest Film Fest back in 1999, and audiences liked it!
-Role: Bert
-Release Date: Not yet released-2001

"Rennie's Landing"-Coming of Age Drama
It's about 4 close friends from highschool who reunite again in college, so they can relive the old memories. College life supposedly isn't doing much for them, so they decide to make their own fun. They plot to rob a bank and all sorts of crazy things. It's basically a movie about coming together again and how close friends can be, with some things coming in between. It was due to go to the 2001 Sundance Film Fest, but never made it. It stars Peter Facinelli, Scott Foley, and Charlotte Ayhana(? don't know her name). Ethan will be a star in this film!
-Role: Unknown
-Release Date: Not yet released-2001


Back on Valentine's Day 1988, a nerdy kid, Jeremy Melton, asks 4 popular girls to dance with him at a school dance. They all reject him meanly and he's traumatized for life. Now, over a decade later, Jeremy has plastic surgery to make him a stud, so he'll be able to "get back" at the 4 girls. This Valentine's Day, each girl is sent a morbid Valentine card and is then killed by a masked man. Each of the 4 girls suspect the killer is Jeremy, who they THOUGHT they haven't seen in years...but now think that he's one of THEIR boyfriends! But which one? And will they find out in time? It stars Marley Shelton, David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, and Jessica Capshaw. Johnny's one of the boyfriend's, but is only in it for alittle.
-Role: Max Ives(Raimi)
-Release Date: February 2, 2001

"AKA Birdseye"-Mystery/Comedy
All I know about this is that it was filmed in LA back in September of 2000, that it is some form of a mystery, and that it's due in mid to late 2001. It stars Pato Hoffman, Fred Ward, and Amy Hathaway. And supposedly Johnny is one of the stars.
-Role: Unknown
-Release Date: Not yet released-2001


"One Night at McCool's"-Comedy
This story revolves around a girl. It takes place in one night, where 3 guys at a bar recollect their accounts with the same girl. And to each of them she's viewed differently. One thinks of her as a sex vixen, another views her as sweet and innocent, and the other sees her as a liar. Each still liking her in their own way. But one of them hires a hitman to have her killed. What will happen at a bar over one night at McCool's? It stars John Goodman, Paul Reiser, Matt Dillion, and Michael Douglas. And the main star is Liv-who plays the girl!
-Role: Jewel Valentine
-Release Date: March 16, 2001

"Lord of the Rings Trilogy"-Fantasy
I guess the name is pretty self-explainatary. I don't really know what it's about. I never read the books, which it's based on, and don't have much interest in it. It's "Star Wars" like fantasy stuff, only this takes place in ancient times and not in space. You know; elves, fairies, warriors, etc. That type of stuff. And there's 3 movies due out.
-Role: Arwen Undominal
-Release Date: December 21, 2001. 12/25/2002. 12/25/2003


"Bridget Jones' Diary"-Comedy/Drama
It's about a slightly overweight, self-conscience, and pesky British woman in her early 30's. She'll do anything to drop her 10 pounds and find a husband. It's all about how she's unsatisfied by her life and tries to cope with it. Basically, how most 30 something, unmarried women are like. This too (like "LORings" and "Valentine") is based on a book I'm not familiar with. So don't blame me if I'm alittle off. The only other star, other than Renee, that I know of is Hugh Grant.
-Role: Bridget Jones
-Release Date: April 13, 2001


"Vertical Limit"-Action Adventure
After witnessing their father die in a mountain climbing accident, 2 climbers are stricken with grief. The sister takes it out by continuing to climb and make a name for herself in extreme sports. Whereas the brother, the better of the 2, quits and starts to write about sports. With money from her new boyfriend, the sister agrees to climb to the top of K2-the 2nd highest mountain. Unfortunately, while doing so the sister and her crew get stuck in an avalanche. Only 3 survive. Now, the only one who has the guts to save his sister is him. The brother gathers 6 brave people and they embark to save the other 3. Will the 3 survive? Will the brother make it? Find out as they face as much as possible! It stars Chris O'Donnell, Scott Glenn, Bill Paxton, and Isabella Scorpino. Robin stars as the sister!
-Role: Annie Garrett
-Release Date: December 8, 2001

"Investigating Sex"-Comedy
It's about male scientists who, well, decide to investigate sex. They study the relationships between men and women. In doing so, they gather 2 female stenographers. What can happen in a close-knit atmosphere with a bunch of males and only 2 females? This is all I know so far. And I believe it takes place in the 1950's or something. It stars Nick Nolte and Neve Campbell. Robin stars as one of the stenographers.
-Role: Unknown
-Release Date: Not yet released-2001


"Prime Gig"-Comedy
Don't know too much about this at all. I know it's about telemarketers/stock brokers. And a couple makes a mining bet with a young guy. And the guy ends up having an affair with the wife. It went to the Venice Film Festival in September of 2000. And it was due out on February 23, 2001, but has now been boosted back. It stars Vince Vaughn, Julia Ormond, and Ed Harris. Rory also stars as Vaughn's crippled friend.
-Role: Joel
-Release Date: September 14, 2001 (limited)

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