The Year in Rock (actor style)!

This is a page on all the major events that happened to these 6 actors from the end of 1998 to the beginnning of 2000 (technically the year 1999)! It's a celebration of the new millennium's better years coming! I hope you enjoy the rocky juiceyness!


January 2000: The Sundance Film Festival 2000 begins on January 21. Only one movie by them is playing there this year. It being Johnny's new film "Shadow Hours." Other highlights of this month include Robin's first nude scene in the sci/fi thriller, "Supernova," and the Golden Globes where Renee prestented an award with Alec Baldwin!

December 1999: Ethan's wife, Amelinda, gave birth to their first son together, Cogian, on December 10. The name is Latin meaning "to consider." Also Gina Philips, Johnny's girlfriend since the beginning of 1996, finally broke up with him. She dumped him as soon as she got her "break-through" role. (She's a bitch) He seemed to love her a lot.

November 1999: The only thing of interest of this month is that Ethan and wife, Amelinda, celebrated their one-year anniversary on November 14.

October 1999: Ethan's new show on CBS, "Work With Me" was cancelled due to poor audience viewing after only four episodes.

September 1999: Renee shocked everyone with her "wild" look on September 9th, when she presented Best International Video Award with Jay Mohr at the MTV Music Awards. She showed up in a very revealing dress and wild looking. Also Ethan's show "Work With Me" premieres on CBS Wednesdays.

August 1999: Renee started dating Jim Carrey. She met him on set of her new film, "Me, Myself, and Irene." She had parted with ex-boyfriend, Josh Pate, a few months ago.

July 1999: Nothing going on this month except the actor's working on their new movies.

June 1999: Johnny and Rory appear in two new, come-outa-nowhere movies. Johnny is playing Fred in the indie film "Me and Will" and Rory is playing Chinatown (a cameo) in the indie film "The Adventures of Sebastion Cole."

May 1999: Nothing of major importance is happening in this month.

April 1999: Only interesting thing is that Liv's film "Cookie's Fortune" goes on limited release this month.

March 1999: The Oscars were on the 21st and shockingly, both Liv AND Renee were there to present. Liv presented Aerosmith to sing and Renee presented some group from "The Horse Whisperer" to sing. Both looked very nervous but stayed cool.

February 1999: Rumors of Johnny having passed away went around this month, but they are NOT true. Johnny is very well and defintely alive.

January 1999: The Sundance Film Festival of 1999 started this month. The movie there this year is a Liv one entitled, "Cookie's Fortune." Costarring Glenn Close and Julianna Moore. It seems like almost every year one of them has a movie at Sundance.

December 1998: Liv attended an Aerosmith concert in East Rutherford, New Jersey on December 28. (I was there and it was really cool) Her half-sister, Mia, turned 20 on that day and Steven had the crowd sing to her. No one really recognized Liv except for me and my friend. And also this month: Ethan, Liv, Renee, and Robin, made Hollywood Online's list of the Top 100 Young Actors!

November 1998: Ethan got married to aspiring actress, Amelinda Smith, on November 14th! And Liv finally parted with her 2 and a half year boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix this month. (Thank God) Rory starts making a movie with Robert DeNiro, called "Flawless."

Well there's a run-through of the entire year. Some points were dull, but when they weren't it was kicking! Hopefully, this year will be a LOT better for them. New movies, new dates, new year...Good Luck!

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